I am not a newbie I play about 24 years and I have a long journey of games before me count me in of course,only the best titles will get my subscribes ;)




Pictures and everything are fine but how about,game when we'll be able to play?I am a big fan of FF series and I want to run this as soon as possible :)


According to my own thoughts/concepts/ideas (so what's canon in this game), Squall actually has a really difficult time gaining weight. This picture is probably inaccurate in that respect because he has a tough time gaining muscle too, despite his workout regime.

He's naturally quite slender, though his arms a fairly toned from gunblade use since the weapon is heavy-ish. That's why his FF8 outfit is very bulky rather than being more shape-fitting; he's trying to disguise how skinny he is.

Squall eats like a horse, for the record.

That was really nicely said and I think any other comments are only bullshit...from my experience it's actually really true and if he's hairy what then he's a real men not some polished character from anime :) good work Kyrsty as always ;) finish the game soon...honor :)


I dont like where that hand is going...>.>

lol it was the first i saw too :DDDDD


That's what i am talking your ideas are really good :) You are a sadist aren't you :DDD I'll try to conserve as much as i can then :) AND GIVE ME THE LINK ALREADY,I MUST GO TO BED! :D...honor


It's a pity there are no strengths and weaknesses...because in digital devil saga as example it really goes against you or for you...that's your decision :) You say maintain supplies for several fight to even survive? yes we will see release the game then ! :D :) honor


Yeah that does make sence :) That autokill for whole party isn't that bad idea,so that even I can't beat it :DDD...They have access to my skills you say... it will be interesting :)....honor


Then they have the same weaknesses,or not? :)


hahahaha Sylvester? like Sylvester Stallone :D Why don't do something like expendables next time bro? :)))


But you know in almost every game when you don't want to die an super-attack finish you....nothing against your idead of tactics we will see how hard it will be but if you said about 20 minutes of gameplay then set the difficulty to hardcore for prolonging battles :) keep up the good work
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