Legion Saga III

Legion Saga III

stuck at the first war what to do the game stuck

BlueSkies 2

just finished the first game blue skies 1 very good game good storie waiting for next will play the demo in the meantime curious about storie


nice music at the start from final fantasy 8 is it

Faith in Feathers

i also need the three digit code for the door

Relas: Chaos of the Realms

am stuck at chapter 2 what do i have to do



second chapter when will be released sorry for double posting

To Arms!

is there going to be full release or given up the game is great

Soul Shepherd

how do you kill kerberus ? i have the three that cut damage for lighting fire and ice and still can beat it use slow shield weak have 3 aura for healing and use something with shield that gives 4 pd defence and magick defence
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