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[RMVX ACE] Problem with custom Animation/SE

I've made a custom battle Animation that plays a custom SE for the final boss of my game. I tested it in the Battle Test option and when the boss uses a specific skill that animation along with the SE plays without a problem. But when I normally play through my game and reach the boss the SE of the animation gets somehow bugged and plays twice or thrice. Anyone knows what could cause that bug? I thought maybe the boss had Action times+ enabled and the double move would glitch the animation but it doesn't have it enabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[RMVX ACE] Mining Event help

Hey guys! I recently decided to start making my own rpg. For that I wrote a somewhat small mining event. I'm fairly new at this so bear with me please :D
You get that pickaxe and interact with the rock.

Here is the event page of the mining event of the rock.

The rock gets a random durability at the start of the event and then prompts the player to press 1 of 4 keys in a timely manner in a loop. After each correct input a variable increases by 1.

For each wrong or too late input a sound plays to notify the player of it. No matter if the input was right or wrong the durability variable increases by 1. When it reaches the random number which was set at the beginning, the loop breaks and the player gets rewarded according to the amount of correct inputs and the rock collapses, rendering it "unmineable".

So, now my question: During that time window where the player has to press the correct key in a timely manner, you have to hold the correct key rather than pressing it once for it to get through. Is there a way to change it so that the player only presses the correct key once for it to count?
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