Discord Dad, Maker of games cute and terrifying. I like to make RPGs, and have been playing them since the beginning. I do pixel art, writing and eventing. I am terrible with music, but maybe I will tackle that some day to.
Caede's Pendant
An RPG about proving that not all tall tales are false.



Swap in 3 Middle with Who?

Ah, I was gonna sign up, but I forgot I will be camping with no internet or electricity from the 24th - 29th so I really can't :/

RMN Underwater Pixel Quilt 2022

I'll take B2

I have taken B2

King of Grayscale 2

Finish this game, I must have it!

Captain Buck on Planet Arkenshapes

Well this game is apparently unplayable without the aid of RPG Maker MV. At least that's my default assumption considering it contains a file named Game.rpgproject.

That's odd, I haven't had anyone unable to play it at this point, but it is possible everyone who tried already had MV. I'll take a look and see if I can sort that out.

Caede's Pendant Review

Honestly I rarely use RTP, this was for a jam where RTP graphics were a requirement, which honestly is probably for the best as I tend to get hung up on graphics and forget all the other things I need to do.

Caede's Pendant Review

Thanks for the review, and I have good news for you. My current project is a sequuel to this, starring Ester and Caede and adding more story, mercs and dungeon, as well as using custom graphics. I also will be fleshing out all the mercs as the ones I plan to include are going to tie into other projects of mine.

Pixel Club


OMG this is the cutest thing, I must adop slime child.

Pixel Club

I suppose I can get in on this, somehow I've never made a slime sprite before this.

The person is just to give a size comparison.

Jingle Jangle Jam

If someone would like some help, I can provide sprites, tiles, writing, mapping and events. I'm interested but don't really have enough of an idea to go alone. So feel free to dm me if you are interested in teaming up.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

I completely forgot to put what I'd like, I hadn't really thought about it to be honest, I just wanted to do something nice. I suppose some sort of cute kiwi art would be nice? If you are not an artist, then I dunno I'm not used to making a wish list these days. Honestly anything that you wanted to gift me would be greatly appreciated. I don't have any games on RMN atm to review, and the games I have completed are just short jam games, but I suppose I could link my itch and have you give a review there?
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