I'm an old soul who has been working on RPG Maker since the original release. I have taught myself how to sprite and make tile sets (with tutorials) and am currently studying JS for RPG Maker MV. I am pretty solid at using events to accomplish just about anything and have quite a bit of writing under my belt.



Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

I'd like to join this, good inspiration to make something fun.

Pa-Lette's Make!

I have decided that I am not going to be able to participate in this event. I thought it would be something fun, but I think the limitations on colors hits a bit to hard against visual artists, especially as lacking certain colors eliminates us from making anything that might match RTP style, so I feel anything I make will never see use and don't feel motivated to make anything.

I apologize to my team, I know you all already lost a member, but I do not think I will enjoy making anything for this so I will just have to drop.

Next Event Team Scouting

Graphics - I can make icons, tilesets and sprites. I am not great with facesets and have minimal skills with hand drawn.
Scripts - I cannot write scripts, I can read ruby and jss a little.
Sound - I could probably do VA, but I have no talent or understanding of music.

So I am pretty solid in graphics and equally rubbish on the other two.

Theme Roulette 2

I got mine, thanks Illy!

RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

I could not think of much to add, probably should not have done this while so tired XD

RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

Oh It's been ages since I've done one of these, count me in. I'll take one at random.

3at a Cactus - Be in my game!

I would like to be involved, but I have no idea what a cactus would say :/

Theme Roulette 2

I am complete!

Theme Roulette 2

My game is a non joke game, but it's going to be witty and cute.
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