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Lakria Legends is officially completed!

Koopah. Ive been following this game now since I was an undergraduate in college. I've graduated and even finished my Master's now. Now that I am on my job search, it gives me great joy to know that I will be able to play this much anticipated game. Gracias amigo!

Ara Fell Beta Test

I'd definitely be interested in beta testing this game. I have some extra time since school is out for the holidays and I was a fan of the first Ara Fell.

Twin Peaks inspired adventure game

I think an adventure game in a noir universe would be excellent. Would it be prominently around puzzle solving, gathering clues, or using intuition?

Skill Tree / Upgrade System

How's progress been going on the game Koopa?

Costume Kits: Suggestion & Idea Post

For all of the characters you could have a legacy outfit for some character in the previous game. It doesn't have to be all main cast either. You could use the costumes of specific villains, like the crazy scientist guy or the main villain who wanted to capture the crystals. Also, you could have some joke outfits tied into things like a moogle or chocobo.

The Future of Master of the Wind

I was actually playing Master of the wind today. I was always mesmerized by the great writing and universe you guys created. My only question is will this effect the production for Project Kobold?

Focus (not the kind that turns you into C'ieth)

NO apologies necessary. Gotta have a good tough boss battle to keep the game interesting. Seems like you guys are still moving at a pretty good pace. Did you ever have any luck with the mappers and spriters?

Artist Blog 03 - So Much Grinding...

I heard about that. Whelp let's welcome the slew of terrible mobile games for secret of mana, and possibly even chrono trigger. Oh if I could live in 2014 but have my games still be written likes it was 1997.

Animation Update! :)

Cool, I think its a really good idea. I like the second animation a little more than the first though. The first one looks a little rough.

The big list of recent changes (current and upcoming).

Pretty good progress man. I always enjoyed the funny chocobo drop. I also thought about the idea of rare DNA segments that you would have to earn as well, so this inclusion makes me very happy. School has kept me pretty buys, so I'm going to try and replay through the demo in my free time to see all the new features. I take too long to play through though, by the time I finish, the newest version is up and running. I'm very inspired by your work ethic.
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