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Before Crisis Remake


Lol, nice username. If changing the rpg_rt.ini doesn't work, it may be something to do with the audio's driver and the music, so maybe try putting on headphones.

Castlevania - Dracula's Dance

Not getting the health refilled after a boss was a planned design choice, because i thought that the game was easy, as there's some chicken in candles that can be used to refill hp, but rethinking now, i'll be changing it and reuploading the game.

Castlevania - Dracula's Dance

So, I tried out this game and I'm assuming it works a lot better when not crammed into newer 2k3 in order to play it on windows 10. I got a handful of bugs when I tried to play it that way.
While I must give you and everyone involved due props for making a castlevania game in 2k3, it does leave a lot to be desired, even in ways that can be improved upon within the engine's capabilities. ...

Hopefully this can be fixed up a bit, because I see potential in this.

There's no plugins used in this game. And i've tested it in multiple systems, windows 10, 7, xp, and it worked perfectly, so i have no idea how you managed to spawn so many bugs.
Oh, and the bottle of holy water at the entrance is reachable. All you need to do is get used to how jump works.

Deadly Woods Review

Thanks for the review!
Glad you liked it :-)

Let's Play: Castle of the Evil Witch (Parts 04 - 06)

Watched it all. Pretty cool, and i'm sorry for the problems with the collision lol. Still, thanks for giving it a try!

Before Crisis Remake Review

Thanks for the review! I agree with you on the battle system. My first plan was to make it action based, just like the original, but in the end, playtesting and balancing all the variables would be too time-consuming, and i was honestly burned out at the time.

Castle of the evil witch Review

Lol. Thanks for the review and for playing it.

Castle of the evil witch

The switches for the doors are rather finnicky. I usually have to activate the switch multiple times in a row in order to get the doors stuck in the open position.

I'd also recommend making it so when the player enters a portal they will come out on the opposite side they came in on the other portal. After all, it's rather disorienting to enter a portal head on only to pop up at 90 degree angle to how I entered it.

I'd also double check the hit detection since I've died more than once by attacking locked doors or hitting areas over a spike trap.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to fix it.

Before Crisis Remake

Hi, can I make changes
for an updated-custom version?

I want to ask you before,
I tried put bigger facesets with custom messages, charset edited to make the walk animation complete (for npc)
Obviously it's your project, with your credit.

If I change something I will share the work.

Sure, no problem.

I'm trying to remember the name of a game. Can someone help?

Orale of Tao is probably the game that i'm looking for.
I had seen the game a long time ago, so i'm going to download it and play to be sure that this is it. Thanks for the help, guys :-)
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