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I'm trying to remember the name of a game. Can someone help?

It's an rpgmaker game with npc schedule, day night cycle and all of that.
It uses the base sprites, i believe. And i think that it had a calendar system with seasons, but i'm not sure. It was made with XP or MV, but i'm also not really sure... This is the best description that i can give, because i can't remember anything more.
I've looked the list so many times, and still coudn't find it...
I remember that the title screen was kind generic and ugly, but it praised itself for being an ambitious game.
Someone has any idea what game it may be?

Can a re-release my game as a "director cut" version?

Hello friends.
So, i have added alot of new maps to my already released game, made new playable mini-games inside the arcade in the city, updated the story, added new mechanics, fixed errors and bugs, and added 3 new endings that the player can choose and get a different one.

Can a re-release my game as a new game, more like a "director's cut" game?
My game is Mystery Falls, by the way, released last year, 2015.

[RM2K3] Probably clichĂȘ, but i have a font problem...

I have already tried font fix, unistalling and installing the rm2000 fonts, Font changer and Destiny patch, but nothing seems to work.

The font is like this:

I'm testing in a notebook with windows 7 and a pc with windows 8, same problem.
My game is finished, the last thing i need to do is fix the font.
I'm almost giving up...

Question about music and sounds.

What's up, guys.
Well, I'm almost done with my game, but I still have a doubt with respect to sounds.
I'm using music from deadly premonition, and some sounds from the sims.
I certainly have no intention of selling my game, so my question is this: Is it OK to use music from other games, and then release the game on the internet?

Small talk for random NPCs

Hello, guys.
so, i'm doing a game who already have a story, graphics, and a lot os stuff made, but as the game will have a non-linear feel, i need to put alot of NPCs in the scenario, and to give some little personality to them, but i'm not good at thinking what topics of small talk should be there?

Can someone help-me with those "Small-talk" lines? The plot will happen in a small north american-town, something like in the series Twin peaks.
It can be any NPC, like a old woman, a young girl, a police officer... You know, just random people...

I'm new here, i think.

hello, guys.
I have made some games before, but were just for fun, never made anything public, but now i'm making a project for School of Graphic Design, and i probably may need some help with ideas, like different types of npcs, etc...
There's some specĂ­fic post to ask for help?

(English it's not my first language, so i'm going to write some stuff in a weird way, sometimes)
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