Welcome back to RMN, twitter nerds

Now that also reddit is basically a desktop browser app again. I'll just have to go back to old forums.


i sent you a vid with my playtrough. Haven't finished it yet, for my comedic tendency to step on tiles with insta-death (right after beating a boss)


Im really thankfull when devs just tell how long your game (or demo) is expected to be. This way one can make time to play it, and give feedback.

I'll give it a try!

Permanent Price Cut!

i kinda wish the first soul sunder was playable. As an artist, i am always fond to see another artist journey from their first atempts at their craft till the present.

This Is Not My Final Form

since its comercial release, do you have a itch.io or steam page to suscribe?
I dont think i can remember a game for 7 years, so, id rather have a notification in place that can be browsed on a phone, since RMN site looks like crap on mobile.

Prayer of the Faithless is Released

well, steam seems to be charging 30%, itch.io 10% so i got it on itch.


i really hope you were using copy paste and mirror/ mesh transform instead of drawing all of them 1 by 1.

the battler is gona be... painfull.

Release date: May 27th

thanks, im glad you like it! i did atempt a couple of different faces, but shy mia was basically how i watched her the entire prologue, and i think it was the best.

this other image is basically TOO LARGE for the locker, because i copypasted every layer i found with something different in a big collage.


Release date: May 27th


as promised, here is my fanart of mia. couldn't find a way to post directly so, link to pixiv it is.

Release date: May 27th

thats a lot of gameplay, probably 4 games in one. I fell in love with soul sunder and after listening the rpgmaker cola podcast episode with nova on it last year, i went to play it again, and made some fanart for it.

i'll be eagerly waiting the release date, hopefully with some fanart again.