We should make a game about the members in RMN


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And makerscore will be our HP and stuff...and Kenton's will be the final boss..
Do it.

Nobody will do it for you, but everyone loves community games! Like that valentine's one ~
We should at least work together to make it...but still I could make it on my own.
My current game has a few RMN cameos (Kentona, Kylaila, Liberty, Sooz, InfectionFiles, Frogge, Gredge109 and Jeroen_Sol, to name a few).
Well, what do you have in mind? A short RPG with names swapped out?
Different genre? How long? Custom assets?

It's generally easier to just do your thing and maybe ask for some specific input, like making portraits for yourself if you want to be included (like libby did).
That way you are not doing everything, but enough that others are fine with adding that little bit.
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Cash was making a cool school one at one point. Dunno if it's still in production tho ^^;;

I must admit, I would like something like this. I didn't realize that seeing me in Craze's half of August and the Abyss would make me so giddy, but it really made my day. XD ^_^
EDIT: Ninja'ed by unity. XD

But seriously, what happened with that?
I'll welling to do this bossrush thing..with a front view battle system like in FFMQ..and am also planning to make some members playable or at least a boss of somesort.
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I think a fun idea would be to make a short-ish game but you get to choose a party of five people from RMN as your heroes. Then most of the work would go into making the skillsets of the different users and balancing everything. (Instead of a massive "Gotta find them all" campaign like Wyrm Warriors ^^;;;;;)
That actually a really great idea..
That'd be totally awesome!
So yeah..i have to choose one of these,Rpgmaker 2k3 or VX ace which one?

Anyway i already drew a sprite...Hmm it looks like a final boss maybe it kentona who knows.
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If you are making it, then pick the one you like best! ^_^

While I think 2k3 is great, I personally prefer VX Ace for something like this because you can vary skillsets easier IMO.

That sprite looks totally cool tho :DDDDD
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I know there are a few games by YDS that use the RMN user-base as NPCs. Liberty's RMN: Make My Score is certainly the most recent example. I have no idea where CashmereCat is in regards to Fast Times at Aremen High.

Darigaaz, I completely forgot about Wyrm Warriors!

*Edit: Do the games made during RMN's Brithday in 2015 count?
This is probebly against the rules but i just wanted to show another sprite
guess who she is..?

i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
obviously liberty
and we already know what riderx20 look slike.
these sprites look great man :D

also the idea is interesting really.
we need a cat named mawk. it has glasses and its hissing
but it's well documented that mawk isnt a cat though.
so maybe ask them first.
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Cash was making a cool school one at one point. Dunno if it's still in production tho ^^;;

I have no idea where CashmereCat is in regards to Fast Times at Aremen High.

I would finish it if I had time. I had more time when I was a uni student, and if I was more disciplined during that time, I would've been able to finish it, EZ. But now that I'm working, it's become somewhat of a vast unlikelihood. I'm lucky if I get around to game devving at all, nowadays.

I'm glad that you liked them...I think I should make a topic rather than posting in here.Anyway,here's Mawk and someone else..

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