Tales of Ateria Review

I've actually got an idea I'm working on for an classic-style RPG with a more complex and modern battle system, which may need the scripting of RMXP or RMVX, though I'll probably use some other engine. I also have character and world designs in my head, and want to do EVERYTHING original. It may be a little ambitious, but I'm still in the planning stages to get how everything will work out, but that's something I really want to do. Probably will be a while before I even start making it. I just do with what RPG Maker and resource sites give me, for now.

Tales of Ateria Review


Thanks for the review, I didn't even think anybody remotely cared about this. Yeah... That... Opening...
I kind of did that as a joke, just to see what it would look like, and left it in. Thank God i left in the option to skip it. That mirror with Tales of Destiny, I didn't even notice when I made that part! I guess I subconsciously put it in. And that thing with the game's name under the battle backs, they only took up the top and I didn't want the bottom to be bare, and I made this on a Win98 comp, and the LNG of the logo got saved like that...

A few of the characters do get their backstory explained later on, Snowe's in particular I had fun crafting, and I had more haracters I was eager to have in the game but wasn't that far in. Richt is supposed to be a little serious, but enjoys screwing with people, so he tends to act odd. All the fun interactions with the characters I had planned out a bit later in the story, and some characters did hit friction at one point. In fact, I had the story for this whole game mapped out in my head! I just had to actually get the work done.

Speaking of maps, I do tend to do better on nature and interiors than other things. I was NEVER good with designing town exteriors, probably my worst skill in map making. That said, the world map WAS horrible. But that was because I didnt really try with it. If I do a world map, I want to do it well, but it takes time, and I didn't want to spend that time on the world map that you'll only see little of. I was going to really spruce it up for the full game, so I figured the demo could settle with the crap that it was. I figured since there were no battles, no one would have a problem exploring it. Guess so.

I kind of bad this feeling everyone was like me and screwed with the games they downloaded in the editor. Because if you had done that with my game, you'd know I ended the demo with a simple switch, and if turned off it actually went on a little longer! In fact, put in a bunch of neat stuff that was to be in the full game, like the titles and some of their effects, for example, the one that gives Van a suit, and changes the dialog of every female NPC in the game to flirt with him. Had fun with that one, and a few that changed some story dialogue. I also had a bunch of crap premade for the whole thing, and if you kept leveling the characters, you eventually get their late game stuff.

This was my first release online, but CERTAINLY not my first time using the editor. I've made dozens of games, all scrapped very early or left unfinished, so I'm very familiar with the workings. I also play others' games and know what design flaws to avoid... Mostly. But nope, I had high hopes for this game, but eventually I got tired of it and dropped it shortly after releasing this demo.

But you know, I still have the story in my head...

Tales of Ateria

I replaced the mp3 and RPG_RT.exe so no one else runs into that problem. Also, I put everything in a zip file, instead of making it a setup pack. Maybe that'll help?


That's NOT what is going on!

Thicket spoliation.

"Tales of"?

The truth is, I don't know enough about the series to give it a feel of the series, but I use what I do know to develop it.

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Hello, everyone. I am known as rikurocks, and I am a new member to rpgmaker.net. I am, however, no stranger to the RPG Maker itself. I've used it a lot and have some experience. I've created countless little projects, but none of them have seen completion. I'm working on one now, and I plan on releasing a demo very soon. I'm happy to be a member of the site!
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