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In a war torn world 8 random heroes gather for fame and glory.



Toby's Demon Story

we both canceled our first projects and now working on our new and improved projects lol


I like the layout of this map, very nicely done. And some hidden treasure chests, the tent one really get's me curious. Good job! :)

thanks much! a few testers missed a few chests i placed along the way and deemed the first area too hard so i posted this picture up along with some enemy balances to make less frustrating.


I'm not a fan of abs battles but I really like the creativity in this map with the sort of small garden and the square foundation at the centre of it.

Now you've cancelled this project, good luck on future projects you may plan to make.

files on my laptop got corrupted while i was attempting to reboot it. all i can do now is try and remake the project by memory or try and make it better as i go along.

kinda sucks when you decide not to backup your files.

Clover ***UPDATE***

I hear ya on that but ive spent alot of time using unity before rpg maker so i hope it wont be too rough. thanks for the concern though i appreciate it.

Clover Chronicles

So, this ever get any further than the 'unpolished' demo?

i ran into some technical difficulties with some of the game data. along with that im also making some of the sound track myself. its still gonna be finished just taking longer than i expected. hard to balance out what i want to do day after day and keep everything in order. i can promise you many hours of gameplay when it is finally done if that means anything.

Warriors of Ardia


the demo for this project is almost complete. i would post a small preview video but i dont want to ruin anything about the demo. i hope many people test it out when i release it and let me know how it is. before completion i do take suggestions and ideas etc so feel free to drop them on me. thanks and look forward to it!

Clover Chronicles

experienced techincal difficulties during the final stages of the game. hope to finish this project as soon as possible

Clover Chronicles

im taking suggestions for the final boss fight of the demo. once i have enough suggestions ill put up a poll and the winner will be added as the 5th boss in the demo and you will also be put into the ending credits of the final product.

i hope u guys think of interesting ideas!

Clover Chronicles

there was bugs that man who gaves a old fishing rod can't remeber his name. i could walk on the wals and over evrything but not over the npc is that suppose to be in the game spiderman powers it would be awsome lol ahem anyways that what i got to say

its been reported but thanks. ***(Zodra fishing shack walls fixed)***

Clover Chronicles

subscribed hope it come out soon i like these kind of games

theres a mini preview demo available in my blogs u can check it out there. theres still lots of bugs to be fixed so if u test out the preview demo please do report them. thanks and enjoy.
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