Nothing much to say, I love RPGmaker! =)



zz Mystic Quest: Remastered

I'm crazy about Mystic Quest, always have been, so I'm really looking forward to this! Subbed, good luck! <3

Set Discrepancy

Indeed, unfinished or not, it was still one of the finest RM titles I've ever played. Highly unique and incredibly enjoyable to play.. I shall bow my head in sorrow at its cancellation, but still have a great deal of respect for what you made nonetheless :)



so is that guy they're fighting sephiroth?

And why is he so much taller than them?

Bosses are generally bigger than the battle sprites.

What RM title is that from, please? :)

Phantom Legacy (Redux)

Awesome work, congratulations on getting featured and congratulations on completing the project too! \o/ Subbed all the way!


I haven't no, sorry, I've been away for a while >_< I'll grab the new version today and have a look at it :D

Life is full of tribulations

I've been away for a while but I had to come back for this; take as long a break as you need, my friend, life should always come first and if you can improve it in any way then absolutely you should go for it!

I'm completely 100% with Kumada; this is a Greenlight/KS-worthy project, it looks and feels great and doesn't have an ounce of "this is RPG Maker, ha ha" to it. We all love Set Discrepancy and we know that any break you take means that, when you come back, it will be fresh and with a clear head :) The commercialisation sounds like a nightmare, having to deal with replacing audio and licensing chipsets, but still.. we're hardly going to complain if you keep it going as-is! It just means more people get to play it :D Take it easy mate and good look with Forkits! <3


Congratulations! ... and so it should! I'm so eager to get on with Chapter 2 :D


Mmmm, cutscenes! <3


Looks groovy, my man!


Take your time, partner, we're not going anywhere either :)