I'm new to this game development thing because all my life I was focus on writting stories, and other ideas.
I really love horror because you know what they say " nothing is better than a good scare!" I also love role playing games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts.




Looks great! Cant wait to play it.


Also, I was wondering how you did the light around the character effect. It's a nice touch.
Actually its just the white tile nothing special about it ^_^


That's cool! Character selecting!
why thank you if you donw load the demo I guess you found out that the demo it self has a lot of errors but I intend to fix it as soon as I come back from vacation


I love how this looks can you give me the script that you used here


I think the fires should also give out small areas of light. Other than that, I like how this is looking!
Why thank you! If you want you should try itand sorry if the game looks like a crappy demo Im just a newbie! and beside DONT JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER!!!


Why not let the player assume direct control instead of choosing an option from a series of text?
Good question! Actually I got this from Resident evil 3! You know when you face nemesis or a real treat a choice will appear the only difference is is you choose the wrong choice you'll die instantly! is'nt that fun!^-^ anyway I'm new to RPG maker and I'm just learning more about it.
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