Yo, new guy here.

Oh is that so? Hahaha seems cool. XD
Don't worry, I myself never finished any musical piece lol.

The RPG Music Challenge

@Mr. Lao
Arr, too fast hahahaha.
And yes, Rhyme is the one who decides the theme.

By the way,
What if I wanted to have a voice type instrument but the only soundfont I have is called "Choir Ahs?" I'm not even harmonizing that track. Would that be ok?
I don't see a problem here if the entire choir submits to the same voice and there is no harmonization.
So does that means we can use pre-harmonized Synth Strings or String Ensemble? Thank you.

Yo, new guy here.


Thank you, but I don't know whether I can finished it or not, the theme seems hard for me hahahahaha. And about the action game, I can provide some demo but I'm not going to work on that very soon.

Okay, thanks, I'm glad it's at least understandable :D

Thank you! I really need it, VERY.

Thanks for the welcome.
Spore? As in the Spore game? I've never played Spore, but the way you said it, they seems to have some pretty good musics. XD

Really? Haha thanks, perhaps that's because you haven't seen me doing much talking. :D

Thank you :D
Yeah, I know how you feel, our forum actually have some foreign members and it's fun talking in English with them ahahaha.
About my friends, as you can see, some of them already signed up here and trolling me from all sides lol. I hope you don't mind. =.="

Nice to meet you too, thank you for the welcome. :D

Thank you for the warm welcome guys and gals. :D

The RPG Music Challenge

@Mr. Lao
Contestants will send the submissions to an appointed neutral RMN member in a PM and after the phase in question is over, the submissions will be posted anonymously, so that people can listen to them and vote for what they think sounds the best and fits best the given description and theme of the phase.

It seems that you need to PM the said neutral member, namely Rhyme (maybe), and looks like you can submit it only after the said phase is already over, so you can't submit it right now.

For easier communication:
Kalo saya liat sih harus nge-PM si Rhyme Om, dan cuma bisa setelah phase yang ini selesai, 2 minggu lagi berarti, mungkin.
Btw udah selesei om??? Cepet amat O___O

The RPG Music Challenge

Wait, as long as 3 people can play the music? So that means I can't, for example, use an instrument to play 4 different tunes at the same time in order to harmonize them??

Yo, new guy here.

Argh, I lol'd at the "bot" question. Don't know if everybody got the same question though.

Anyway, I'm here to introduce myself.
As you can see, my username is sameric, it's an abbreviation of my username which I usually used, nisamerica (yeah, you know, been a fan of NIS, and I think it's not appropriate since it might cause copyright infringement or whatever it is you call it). If you see "nisamerica" as an username, that's most likely me hha.

Next, I'm an active member of an Indonesian RPG Maker forum, and already familiar with the basics of RM, especially event designing. I currently am making an action RPG game without the help from any ABS scripts, purely event based from title screen to the battle system.

Next, as for the reason why I signed up here, it's mainly because my friend told me about the Music Challenge hahaha. Well, I'm not really music oriented, and never finished any piece of music, but I do want to try to compete. :D

Anyway, nice to meet you guys, and sorry for my grammar, I'm not fluent in English.
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