Yo, new guy here.

Argh, I lol'd at the "bot" question. Don't know if everybody got the same question though.

Anyway, I'm here to introduce myself.
As you can see, my username is sameric, it's an abbreviation of my username which I usually used, nisamerica (yeah, you know, been a fan of NIS, and I think it's not appropriate since it might cause copyright infringement or whatever it is you call it). If you see "nisamerica" as an username, that's most likely me hha.

Next, I'm an active member of an Indonesian RPG Maker forum, and already familiar with the basics of RM, especially event designing. I currently am making an action RPG game without the help from any ABS scripts, purely event based from title screen to the battle system.

Next, as for the reason why I signed up here, it's mainly because my friend told me about the Music Challenge hahaha. Well, I'm not really music oriented, and never finished any piece of music, but I do want to try to compete. :D

Anyway, nice to meet you guys, and sorry for my grammar, I'm not fluent in English.
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