Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Well I appreciate the comments and feedback and encouragement from those of you who gave it to me, pretty much everyone but you know who.

Anyways haters will be haters you can't please em all but I am going to keep going and take what I can from those of you that helped. Thanks again guys =)

Oh btw lol yeah the music in the second set of videos is Kingdom hearts....but the second song in my Love Bears trailer is really from Golden Sun. Hope that clears things up.

@Wolf: its not iso it is a side scrolling game. And I fixed the font =)

@Solitayre: I'm really digging those screens. They looks clean and very effective eye candy too.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Hey Sanosuke, where's the backround music in the second video from? I know it from some game I played as a kid and felt really nostalgic upon hearing it again. MADELEINES

That music is from Golden Sun =)
*Sorry for the double post something weird is going on with either the site or my browser.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Nightblade: You have never had anything nice to say about my work, thats fine. You are entitled to your own opinions. But please do not begin to tell me my work isn't original. That whole map of avalon I made from scratch minus the trees and the character sets.

Also I am not getting paid to make anything here. No one is paying me to make a trailer...this is done for fun. While I try to be as professional as possible given my skill set...I do have a limitation. I do have other things in my life to take care of.

I do not have to meet anyones standards, so please do not tell me what I can and can not do. This is all for fun and I think I put in more than enough time and effort for that. Whether or not I choose to release a trailer of a game is up to me. And if I have spent hundreds of hours making a game, to me that suffices as enough time to start showing things.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Well this was made in rm2k3 so I'm sure it has limitations as it is. But this is also my first platform game so if something seems off, I did just start so forgive me :(

But yeah a lot of the sprites are rips, some have been edited and altered here and there.
Well I guess most games in the rm scene are rips though.

But my comfort lies in iso semi 3d gfx:
-Its kinda hard to see, but the water is moving, I worked hard on that so to see it work well was great =)

most of those gfx are originals.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Heh heh thanks for the critique though. I realize the animation is a bit stiff but ya it is like 90% done now so I could go back but I have a deadline of Christmas to finish this.

Also 2 screens I have never shown before for RMN:

FYI this is my first attempt at a platform game =)

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Hey guys, this is a game I am making for fun. Hope you like the trailer. =)

And some screens for extra measure:

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

@Myersguy: I tried 8-way but events get messed up so no 8way. But it isn't terrible to move or anything.
@Chartley: Thanks man, glad you noticed, yeah it won't be too bad to move around.
@DD: :) Thank you.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

Media blow out from Epic of Zoon, check the updated website.
Images from the new media page:

Fyi: Mapping is now 90% done and gameplay is being worked on with the intro complete. Feedback, suggestions welcome.

@Brandon: I really like the new style man, much better than the old monsters...fits in and all.
@Verridian: If someone wants to offer me their skills in pixel art than yes they are but atm it looks like they will be there to stay.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

Thanks for the feedback Brandon, I'll be messing around some more to find one that really suits my standards...still I appreciate your response.

Also I'm glad you brought up the shadow issue, I never really considered it before..but I'll try to fix these in any future updates I make. Thanks again.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

Ok I'm following up on the suggestions I got:



After with new floor...

I sharpened the walls, darkened the white border on top, and blended the 2nd floor tile even more. Any better?

Which looks the best?