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Epic of Zoon: The Endless War


Several centuries ago two nations, Meru and Asgard both dominated the world of Gaia. They controlled large territories each and grew exponentially in terms of technological advancement and power as civilizations. In a constant struggle to dominate lead by fear of a greater power, Meru and Asgard spent years, lives, and resources fighting one another. This became the start of the Endless War. The war lasted for 200 years and took the hopes and dreams of many generations for peace to return to the lands. As time went on both nations weakened substantially and eventually ceased the power struggle only due to their inability to fight. While the war itself died out on its own, the effects of it remain still in the world of Gaia.

Stunning panoramic mapping. Meticulous attention to detail for each and every single map creates the ultimate visual experience.

The world of Gaia through the eyes of 10 plus character across a span of generations

Across three chapters of "Epic of Zoon" A total of 6+ hours of gameplay.

Your way through hordes of enemies in a Custom Battle System

Mini-games and side quests for hours of fun and a carefully selected soundtrack to bring life to the visually stunning world of Gaia.

High res screens:

For more information check out:


To make the most of this game Lotus Studios is searching for a pixel artist to compliment the eye candy mapping. If anyone is interested let me know at:

Or send a personal message to Sanosuke at either or

Web design as a career-HELP

For the longest time I have been so confused and in the dark about what I want to do. My parents always pushed for Medical School but I quickly lost interest in that. I was considering Psychology but today I checked it out online and even though some psch courses interested me overall I am not willing to go to 6 more years of school after college and then have 10 plus hour work I'm not the best communicator so that is a problem too...while course materials may interest me the career doesn't.

Then I took a career test and among the results Web Design popped up. I checked it out on various sites and found this description: If you like a little bit of art and are a little bit of a computer geek web design is for you. Well I always liked the gfx side and design side to computing so I felt like it just cliked.

SO now I'm thinking of going into web design, everything I read about it or atleast a majority sounds like a fit for the kind of person I am, unlike every other job description I have read.

So my question is does anyone here design websites, work as a webdesigner, or are interested in web design?

I want to hear from people who work as web designers/or anyone who knows of the career:

-How stable is the job
-How much do they/you get paid
-How much do you enjoy it
-Anything else you can tell me about it that might help.

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