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Shattered Hourglass
A Time Traveller's long journey through life and death.



Shattered Hourglass

Not a huge big deal,but, when you save (Steam version) your save total increases by 2-5 instead of 1. My saves are over 400 and I'm only in Trin.
I guess I might delete that line. Autosave also rises that count lol

Shattered Hourglass

Is it the end of the game when i go through fire/ice gate to fight the main boss?, because if it is I must be missing some locations, in my bestiary I have a 2 blocks not found, numbers 184-193 and 223-239, and a few more that are the hunt bosses I haven't killed yet. I am also missing the last 10 fish (and about 4 others), and LOTS of armours and weapons. Sorry for all the questions I hope you don't mind helping me.

You can open those gates in the post-game~ There will be a cutscene for that lol~
184-193 is related to the arena. 223-239 related to the end/post-game, volcano, leviathan and Lumberjack's well area.

Shattered Hourglass

Hello Clangeddin! I hope you are doing well and okay. It's been a while.

@theshadow, the new Silver Token tablet is based on the game progress~ Example: The first one is the Lumberjack (Chapter I), the last one is in Chapter III. 9th token is located on the just left side of the Trin Island, south side of the Sand Tower... in the beach :^)

The underwater map is kinda complicated and sadly... I don't have a map for it. Just after the entrance, there is a path on the south where you can jump. Did you try that? Most players miss that one.

Shattered Hourglass

...such a blooper. :-D I usually check every suspicial object, but somehow, I missed this one.
I thought I would need to somehow upgrade Duran's Candle fire spell, but there seemed to be neither natural evolution of this spell within Duran's jobs which include black magic, nor an equipment like Warlock's Book which could unlock such spell.
lol absolutely, since he's pretty bad at Black Magic~ except when he got a... overpowered spellbook... that triple cast stuff :^)

Shattered Hourglass

I'm really enjoying the game so far, aside final boss, there are probably only several advanced things left for me
(like the fishing trial, the final volcano boss who kills my entire party instantly with one of his spells, or the last monster hunt....)

But I seem stuck in
the pyramid near my house. Duran wants ti ignite the torches with the Candle fire spell, but it's probably not sufficient. See the screenshot below.

Please, could you give me a hint what am I missing?
Look at the left side of your screenshot, check that bag over there~ You'll get an item to ignite those :~D

Rezident Evil: It Is Escape

I can't wait to get twentyfour24's RE4 remake~

Shattered Hourglass

I also found a bug when I went underwater:

Just checked that issue, it seems like a random battle encounter error that the game couldn't show HP bar colors etc~
I guess that rarely happens and I have no idea to fix that issue :C

Also... About Qual teleportation... That opens the free play, you can continue where you left off. Originally it ends with a game over screen but I transported the players to Qual. Maybe I should give them a notice for it lol

Shattered Hourglass

It worked. I feel ashamed that the problem was something this simple.

Since I'm here, I might as well clear another doubt: The only chest yet missing from the 4 near Seran that's missing is the one that tells me to "Build a Comunity". In order to open that, does that revolve having all of the house decorations, animals, people and such at the house?

Again, thanks a bunch! :)

You are absolutely correct!
When you have 25 points of House Upgrades you'll able to open that chest!

Shattered Hourglass

Hello sawworm!

I've played one of the previous versions of your game. Very nice work!
I've downloaded the 1.00 version, but I'm actually facing a small but heavi problem: For some reason, I can't access Frostbite Mountain. I talked to the old man in Seran until he told me about the herb he needs, but that was before I caught up to own the house. Anyway, I try to interact with the mountain just north of Icywland, but there's no response.
Not that I care much about having his fertilizer, but there's a hunt mission, as well as one of the conditions to get my last Silver Token, so it blocks 2 things at once. Is there any reason for this happening?

Regarding the rest of the game, no bugs whatsoever. I'm really happy with the balancing, still keeping me on my toes.

Hello AntareElAmore,
In order to get there, you need to talk to the guy that needs "potion" in the north of the first world after talking to seed guy. You'll ask "where to find frostbite" and he'll point out where it might be. Can you try that? :^)

I'm glad that you enjoy it.

Shattered Hourglass

Oops... Guess who forgot to change "transparency" effects... I'll fix that ASAP. Thanks for that! But you gotta do the ending again...

Edit: Should be fixed right now.