Ohai there~ I'm just a regular caveman.

I've graduated from Radio&Television Broadcasting.
Later on, graduated from International Relations,
And now I've graduated from Graphic Design...
Working as a full-time Motion Graphic Designer in an Education Company.

~P L E A S E~ S E N D~ H E L P~
Shattered Hourglass
A Time Traveller's long journey through life and death.



Hello RMN!

I've started doing LPs on my channel around 2 weeks ago and I want to play your games. Yes, I finally got courage for that!

Before I'm going to take LP/LT requests I want to be specific about what games or stuff I'm looking for:

* I'm familiar with RMVX ACE, so my first priority is the games with that engine
* I'll gladly accept short games or demos. I'm not going to play 5+ hour long RPG games, but I can Let's Try them
* Please no HORROR games, I also don't like anime/movie based games
* I only accept the games from RMN
* All games must be in English language
* No backseat gaming, maybe some tips could be useful... I want to enjoy your games!

If you guys curious about my channel CLICK HERE

Demise Let's Play

Need some intresting boss ideas

Well, hello dear RMN!

I'm currently working on my Arena stages and need to make around 40+ bosses. Of course I'm not going to ask people to make 40+ bosses. Any boss ideas, unique debuffs/buffs and skill sets can help me right now. Also I'm using turn based battle system and 5 man party. Thanks~
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