Looking for Developers

Recently my development team has gotten smaller as members have gotten less active to just not showing on our forum. I am looking for new developers to help me and the current devs finish producing our first build of CAMEO!, a 2D-fighter game.

It is in early development stages as of late due to some changes to the story and a fresh new roster for the versus mode.

The story features two rival political groups that represent light and dark(Lux perpetua and Nox Aeterna respectively) After losing to Nox in an "election", Nox killed off mostly every member of Lux perpetua. With only 3 surviving members, the Leader of Lux, Lux's general, and a new recruit, the three set off to find new Lux members and take down Nox Aeterna.


-this game is not an RPG

-You will need to know the AS3 programming language to assist in programming

-There are many other positions that need to be filled. From music composers to character design. As of now we have five members currently working on this project.

Please message me if you would like to learn more or help out.

Also, as you can tell I do not come here as often as I should so please tell me if this is in the wrong section or even allowed.

How to create a working chest(RPG maker XP)

How do you make a working chest in Rpg maker XP?

How to create a working chest(RPG maker XP)

I'm not new here but I forgot how to do even the simplest of events in RPG maker XP. Could someone give me a refresher? I checked the tutorial listings in the XP section already.

What the heck does this mean?

What does the M beside my username mean? I have 3 M's?

VX mappers wanted

Me and a friend are making a free roam game and we need a LOT of mappers. You are allowed to make random maps because a free roam means the player doesnt have to follow the storyline so we need LOTS of maps for the player to explore.

How do I make a xript work in RPG maker XP

Downloading RPG maker2k3 error

My friend is having trouble downloading RPG maker 2003 and he cant make an account so im asking this question for him.

He says he can't open it(archive error) and he says he has a linux computer. I don't know if this is enough information but I hope to get some feedback.

Font changing in RPG maker 2003

how do you change it?

Anyone wanna make a game with me?(RPG maker 2003)

I was thinking of making a new game and i have multiple ideas.

Tales game.
DBZ game.
Original game
mario game.

I'd be interested in helping in anything.

HELP!!! please:)

Okay so i have been practicing in RPG maker 2003 and i wanted to know if ANYONE would like to help me make a Dragon ball Z game. It wasn't my idea. I have someone who needed help so I'm helping him and its kind of hard by ourselves. The game will go from the piccolo JR saga to the saiyan saga and we MIGHT add more. I already have some work done. We have forums(WIP) and we just need help. Here are the forums.


Sprite style-

Overworld sprites will be Legacy of goku styled

Battle sprites will be a fixed style of legendary super warrior.

Maps- obviously if you know your dbz it is anything between the world martial arts tournament to the fight with raditz.
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