I've been an active member for quite a few years now. I started my RMN career by releasing the Eden Legacy Trilogy of games (each entry took 4 months of nonstop work) within one year, and I've gradually shifted to creating other games as well. I now have 3 flagship series: Eden Legacy, Fragile Hearts, and Mafiosi (being remade for commercial release as Crime Opera). I'm pretty much solely focused on the Crime Opera series of visual novels right now, as my band and job currently take up most of my free time.

Currently working on
-Crime Opera Trilogy (Mafiosi 1, 2, & 3 edited, with all original resources)
-It's a secret...
Crime Opera II: The Floo...
The kids have grown up, and they're becoming quite dangerous.




This guy is so senile he probably wouldn't notice going blind anyway :P


He ripped it and then edited it to match the sprite.


Yeah, I totally agree. I'm at a loss though because my own sucks lol.


Fuck you, MS Paint.


I've thought about it, in the end I think it's too much work and I completely suck at that sort of thing. If I'm successful with the charaset dialogue pics, I may try that out in the future (I have a friend who is a graphic artist, so I'd know where to go at least).


The system set is now changed and the backgrounds have been swapped for 8bit Final Fantasy ones. I think it looks a lot better now. I'll upload a new screen when I'm finished ironing out Amerk's bug finds.


The system usually changes before the release after some pestering from Amerk :P
Not sure why the square is happening, it's a problem with a few of the monster graphics atm.


Gabriel looks like a girl... or a very effeminate dude.


Yep, Sword of Mana. I'm having some problems getting the other chipsets from it to work, but they're quite pretty.

I actually left this space wide open in case I decide to implement a custom battle system. There's a fight scene that takes place in this room, so it may require the space. If not, I'll scale it down some.


I agree, although I'm still not sold on VX characters. I can't tell RTP ones from originals, they all look too much alike.