I've been an active member for quite a few years now. I started my RMN career by releasing the Eden Legacy Trilogy of games (each entry took 4 months of nonstop work) within one year, and I've gradually shifted to creating other games as well. I now have 3 flagship series: Eden Legacy, Fragile Hearts, and Mafiosi (being remade for commercial release as Crime Opera). I'm pretty much solely focused on the Crime Opera series of visual novels right now, as my band and job currently take up most of my free time.

Currently working on
-Crime Opera Trilogy (Mafiosi 1, 2, & 3 edited, with all original resources)
-It's a secret...
Crime Opera II: The Floo...
The kids have grown up, and they're becoming quite dangerous.




Unfinished, obviously, but a start.


Whoa sweet!


Holy christ!


Thx! The game will mostly be using Zelda chipsets like this one, but it will also have some Harvest Moon ones and a couple others that have a cartoonish/3dish vibe.They've been much easier to work with than the sword of mana sets of the first game so far.


You MADE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!


This one's better.


This is definitely not the image I clicked on the front page. What gives?


Quite right, I'll fix that up. Still just messing around with the new graphics but I have a good portion of the school made so far (where the first episode will primarily take place).


Looks better in motion, it was a hard pic to capture is all. I guess it doesn't help that his cape is the same colour as the tree lol.


Just the lack of side walls... I should try and fix that now while it's on my mind lol.

Edit: nm, turns out I already have fixed it lol