I've been an active member for quite a few years now. I started my RMN career by releasing the Eden Legacy Trilogy of games (each entry took 4 months of nonstop work) within one year, and I've gradually shifted to creating other games as well. I now have 3 flagship series: Eden Legacy, Fragile Hearts, and Mafiosi (being remade for commercial release as Crime Opera). I'm pretty much solely focused on the Crime Opera series of visual novels right now, as my band and job currently take up most of my free time.

Currently working on
-Crime Opera Trilogy (Mafiosi 1, 2, & 3 edited, with all original resources)
-It's a secret...
Crime Opera II: The Floo...
The kids have grown up, and they're becoming quite dangerous.
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A long overdue write up
  • Under World 2
09/01/2012 01:42 AM
Simplicity done pretty well
  • Arbiters From Another World
07/10/2012 05:52 PM
Surprisingly open-world, unsurprisingly directionless
  • Magequest I (Version 3.0)
04/07/2012 03:33 AM
Time for an upgrade?
  • Demon Legacy
03/30/2012 09:27 PM
A nearly perfect action RPG?
  • Under World (Land of the Dead)
06/18/2011 08:03 PM
3 reviews for the price of one!
  • Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention
01/26/2011 07:11 AM
Mana Conquest: Gameplay > Story
  • Mana Conquest
06/01/2010 05:54 AM
No Relation To “The Worst RPG Ever”
  • Generica
04/28/2010 04:33 AM
One Night, I played ONE NIGHT
  • One Night
02/23/2010 05:47 AM
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