My band's music video has been released! Check it out:


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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Love the music, amazing vocals and diggin the old school music video vibe.
You don't have a bass player, so no thanks.
I wanted to comment on the vocals but hmm.
Thx IF! Glad you're liking it!
The ratty looking one on guitar :P
Devil's in the details
Really digging voice of the vocalist coming in second!
Yep, I should have probably made my user name s.bester because everyone seems to read sbester as a really awkward sounding word lol.
That would be Nequita, Happy. Fun fact, there's a third girl in the background, Amanda, who was unfortunately held up at the time of the video shooting. Hopefully she will be there for the next video, filming soon.
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