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Flip Dimensions
Travel across the multiverse and become the strongest Dark Lord!



Oscar's Mid-Life Crisis VX Review

Thanks for the review!

Outside of maybe finer-tuned balancing, the game ended up beginning exactly how I envisioned it when I started. So I'm glad it's being reviewed for what it is.

Kids Design the Darndest Things 3

Not an artist, so I won't be joining.

But I wanted to say I really enjoyed the fakemons with the Bulbapedia-formated stat spreads. Really takes me back.

Attack of the MZ RTP Review

Thanks for the review!

I wanted to keep the game simple because I knew if I didn't, my own ambitions would cause me to miss the contest deadline, but I agree that the game is too lean for its own good.

Attack of the MZ RTP

Is Ralph a member of the VX RTP?

Yes. He was the main character of the RUBYLOVE crew.

About a decade ago he was a bit of meme. People loved to interrupt him as a bit derpie and absent minded, but that was normally seen more often in community jokes than in actual RM games. Wanted to recapture that here.

Flip Saga

I hope this game is still being worked on. I really look forward to playing it! I'm going to download the Demo now and see what it is about. Keep up the great work!

I'm in a bit of a creative slump, but the game isn't in hiatus or anything. I just need to sort some things out before moving forward. Thanks for playing!

Flip Dimensions

How do I unlock Kazuki's house? Where do I use cellar key? Thanks :)
I suck at giving directions, but I'll try my best.

The gate to the cellar on the other side of a river, it's on a wooden platform with no walls around it. You can see the area directly south of Kazuki's house, you just need to walk around the long way to reach it.

If that wasn't helpful, I can see about taking an in-editor screenshot showing the path from Kazuki's house.

Commonplace Book

This one seems fun! I always wanted to make a Lovecraft inspired game, but wanted to do more than just Cthulu.

Looking forward to October 1st!

Flip Saga

=lato and rockwell fonts are same
=lily looks like a guy
=wtf is going on am l supposed to play the first game to understand
=how am l supposed to read formulas if l cant see my main stats in combat, not like players are going to math it up anyways, there are plugins to see the exact damage/healing you will do but even then its useless if you cant see the enemies hp
=left clicking(action) on battle end doesnt end it have to right click(cancel)
=while actor skills are fine, enemies skills are boring just a random attack 2 actors and if the same get hit twice its almost a 1 shot
=healing is a must have so fire spirit is useless, attack all enemies is bad since they must be focused 1 per 1
=probably should say buff is stackable didnt know until the end
=if you start tp at full on fights players are just going to do the same thing over and over at first and it gets repetitive
I'll consider these in the next update. Thanks for playing!

Flip Saga

So, wow...

It's been a really long time since I played with any RPG Maker Games, but seeing as I'm getting back to playing these, I'm surprised this came out. Flip Dimensions was one of the greatest ones here and I'm happy that a sequel is coming out.

It's really nice to see that most of the system and lore from Flip Dimensions have carried over. Lily's development is something I want to see because there wasn't really much to characterize her back in Flip Dimensions.

I was really happy to see Kazuki and Rin again. Even though we don't see him fight, it's clear Kazuki's still got it. Yeah, managing MP and TP back in Flip Dimensions was a chore, so I'm happy that it's more manageable here.

I'm looking forward to the development of this game. It's best not to rush it, though so I'm hoping we get to see more of this game soon!

BTW, playing Tea Garden on Lily again was a nice touch. I really like the theme!
I don't know why I missed this comment when it was originally posted. I swear I was checking for updates every week.

Regardless, thanks for the kind words! It does mean a lot. I'm taking my time with this one (and IVEKNEC, my other 'active' project) because I want them to be the best games they can be. I learned a lot about RPG design when making Flip Dimensions, so I'm glad people like that game and are looking forward to see how it continues. Lily was a character I really wanted to focus on in this game.

I Vanquished the Empire as a Kid and Now the Economy is Crap

I did all I could in this demo.

- After you start the goblin town, the apothecary moves to Hamleton for his sidequest, but he won't sell the weakest healing item anymore, even after finishing his quest. This can potentially lead to resource issues for fighting the two optional bosses.
- There's a glitch that can happen after starting the goblin town, but before finishing both sidequests. If you enter the SW house in Bornham and exit, the town goes into its second form. Entering and exiting from any other location causes the town to return to its first form.
- IMO, the bonus boss of the Shamba Rainforest should have its own custom sprite rather than a generic slime sprite.
- For anyone who gets Rose's first skill item, I recommend learning the magic debuff, which will help in surviving the rainforest bonus boss.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll address what I can in the next update.