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Question and sorta update for y'all.

I'd be down for a demo.

I Vanquished the Empire as a Kid and Now the Economy is Crap

Well i know what game I'm voting for the best title misao once nominations are open again

Also would you mind if I asked where the character sprites are from? They're pretty dope.

and the ones you used in World of Ruin too, if you could, those are awesome too, thanks <3
I figured since I was making a commentary of JRPGs, it would only be fitting to use a light novel-esc title like an Isekai. I also noticed after submitting this a somewhat similar title won the 2017 award for best title.

The sprites for this game are from here:
Check the character sections, a few face sets are paired with sprites, but most don't.

The sprites from World of Ruin were from here:
The same thing applies to here.

Final Fantasy: Resurgam

This looks cool. I sorta like FF1, I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

A wild developer (finally) appears!

but I think a simple rename of the game and mechanics is not going to be enough to avoid a C&D from Nintendo if we were going to get one before.
Of course, any rips with the tilesets and UI would have to be replaced, but if you are referring to gameplay, that's not going to get a C&D. Nintendo takes down projects for using their assets and properties, but if you could do that for gameplay... I'm pretty sure Natsume would be up Chucklefish's neck for Stardew Valley.

Or Square Enix could raid this entire site for being a host for a bunch of FF and DQ knockoffs...


I like diamonds. Fancy without being disorienting or cluttered.

In favor of level requirements on gear

I get where you are coming from, in fact, I agree that power through levels should be limited. However, I just think there are better ways to achieve the perspective you suggest. Personally, I don't want to get an item only to learn they can't use it.

A substitute I once used is to have levels affect the equipment you can buy, rather than what you can/can't equip. This limits what the player can access, but if they stumbled upon a weapon slightly more powerful than they should have access to, I think that is fine because they went out of their way to earn it.

Agree with the issue provided in the piece, just not the solution the title suggests.

Flip Dimensions

This game also contains sexual abuse, which is amazing.

If you are referring to that one scene in Chapter 4, it didn't happen the way you think it did.

Flip Dimensions

If you are downloading the game now, you won't need the patch.

The patch is for people who downloaded earlier versions of the game and don't want to download a 400+ MB project again. (I'll see about lowering that down the line too).

I have a friend who playtests the game and still uses dial-up, and it takes over an hour to download the game. That's where the idea came from.

Flip Dimensions

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, KyleLascar.

I'll be sure to add the last bit of issues before uploading the game again.

- Chapter 8, Nephilim Chamber: I don't know if this is intended: The elemental chests can also be killed/opened by using skills that deal defense ignoring damage (Holy Darkness, Holy Fire). Admittedly, I was glad this worked, since otherwise I had to equip Bolt with the Energy Ring (he doesn't start with enough TP to use his thunder skills in the first round).

This wasn't initially intentional, but it was brought to my attention before and I decided to keep it. It is actually possible to open all the chests with the intended elements. But otherwise, think of it as a 'thinking outside of the box' reward of sorts.

Flip Dimensions

Okay, kenlan sent me his save file and I was able to track the source of the issue.

It was the same bug KyleLascar encountered, however, the current patch didn't fix that because he saved within the dungeon leaving him permanently stuck within it.

However, the patch should prevent anyone from encountering this issue again.