Chapter 4 complete.

Hey, great game. Started playing this some days ago and everything was seamless, until i got to the part of the Flight Deck onslaught, where it crashes. In the four times i tried it, including the first time with a lot of saved game loss, it crashed 3 times with this error:

One of those 4 times it just froze, no error or anything. This error popped up after some blank random generated mob popped up with no sprite. As soon as you either attack it or pass a turn where its supposed to attack, the error comes up.
Looking foward to see you fix this so i can keep playing :(


I loved this! i really wish it wasn't so short, any plans on a second part? the battle system is pretty damn good for using it again.

Demon Tower has thirty floors

In the beggining i was gonna go for Heat. But then the phoenix wright facesets turned me off :( . So...

Demon tower!


oh i see, i didn't notice there was an update. it's working great now. My party is human blackguard, gnome oriental, human... evoker? and kesu .. magus ? so far the oriental is pretty useless... and i'm aching for a heal spell on my evoker :p . The human blackguard owns, since he has a self healing skill+a skill that counts on hp.


hmmm, what's this?

Vacant Sky Vol.1: Contention

that's nice. did you add this to the index here? also, i had the same runtime problem, it was fixed with your dll patch. you might want to include your .dll fix in the original zip file right away, (ver 1.01) and save the older .dll just in case...

Vacant Sky Vol.1: Contention

This was pretty awesome... the ending pretty much left me in the dark though, when to expect the next episode? 2011? :P

Takuto (Indie Cartoon/Anime Series)

wow, i liked that. story's kind of well laid out, plus it's true, the pencil art cinematics are pretty original. Now that doesn't mean there's parts that need some work, i.e. part 3a. the fight scene... also, i hope you can put some more music in the first parts, they deserve it.
i love how you developed the personalities and also the really looks like it took a lot of work :). gratz, i'm looking foward to last 3 parts.

Starbucks Tales Vol 1

i also have the same problem, add it to the game please.

Oration Legends | Complete Tactical RPG

author=Craze link=topic=3262.msg64451#msg64451 date=1236028294
It is also even more quotable than EMDE!2.

it definitely is:

"I'm your arcane fatherlord"

"ahh! don't push my bellybutton!"

Well, i couldn't stand playing it too long =x but the concept is nice, how about remaking this into vx? :P