Brightness problem on RM games

Lately i've been having some problems with brightness playing any rpgmaker games; Any game i play at fullscreen sets my brightness automatically to a certain level. Prob is, with this shitty monitor it's impossible to play with that brightness :P. This started happening recently. The weird thing is that i formatted the pc and re-installed my gfx drivers ( which i thought it was the cause ) and it's the same. I also re-downloaded the rtp. Is there some registry key or config file i'm missing ? any ideas that don't imply buying a new monitor ? It sucks, i really can't play anything anymore because a stupid brightness problem xD

EDIT: I just found out it's also happening with IKA games O_O
EDIT2: It's not the brightness, it's the GAMMA to be more precise...
EDit3: Fixed it with some gamma software i googled, remove this post xD

Remarkable lines of some video games.

It can be funny, dramatic, or just something that stuck on over time from an rpg game. I'll start with this one:


^ EMDE 2.0

ASK band, japan

This is the band that made all the cool music for that ALTER aila game. Has anybody found downloads of any of thier albums? so far the closest i've been is

Can't play some RM2000 games

Lately i ran into two problems running "yoke of pwnage" and "the burning grail". With yoke, i get a " can't open sf2sys" error and it doesn't even run. with TBG, the fonts aren't showing at all when the dialogue pops in, all i see is a pitch black square where the dialogue should be.
I already re-installed rpgmaker2000 RTP, and nothing. how can i fix this ?

EDIT: OMFG i'LL RESIZE everything i just posted >_>
EDIT: Done :)


Hi, my name's mauricio and i'm from venezuela. lately i've been trying out lots of this RM games such as:
the way
alter aila
aurora wing
razorblade symphony
diary of a madman
three the hard way
wilfred, the hero

since i love rpg's (i basiclly emulate anything i can here, from snes to DS) i thought it wouldn't hurt being part of the comunity. Who knows, i do have some experience in programming ( i was gm in an mmorpg server) i might make an rpg for fun using my rl friends as chars :P. I love anime, some manga, some j-drama. I'm staying away from mmo-rpgs since they're just too addictive for me, lol. any forums on where to start with rpg maker?
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