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Pokémon Dawn

I have played it 100%, there's a great story, nice mechanics, I've found two bugs but all the other stuff was perfect. I was a good boy in the story, heh.
Also I've liked a lot the link you made between old pokemon and this one, it was great.
That's it friend, thanks for the game!

King of Grayscale

I played the game, excellent! I came until the swamp, but I died there and forget to autosave after the second village, so I gave up :P
But the game is very cool, amazing work. I recommend.

A Few Pieces

Great music man, thanks for it. Maybe I'll use some of them in a game I'm producing.

Tearjerker Music Pack: Sad & Emotional Piano Music That Will Make You Cry

I shall comment about the sad Kenu Reeves

Tunnels of Doom RM2K

I've played the chapter one.
So far the game is great, I've liked the battle system, it's totally unique, if you see all the other games here.
Hope to see the next chapters. See ya!

Country of Snow

I've just played the demo here, and I liked a lot. Hope you'll continue the work man, great game you're producing.

Legend of Heroen

I tried to save game, but i couldnt do it in the beginning. I've died for the 8 skeletons... Really??


Liberty is me when I'm back to University lmao.


Let's work on your game descriptions!

Hey guys, can someone check my game description?

Long time ago, in the Realm of Shengli...
The world entered in a great war: the humans, in the right
side, and the monsters, in the left side.
For hundred of years, they fought each other, provoking
many deaths to humankind.
After a battle to reconquer the middle of the realm, a
period of stability has appeared, and the Monks of
the Enlighted Sun were chosen by the King to scout the
Beiai Mountains.
Some monsters are still in the human territory, but only
the inferior species, that cause no threat to them.
But since our Tale starts and you, monk, start your journey,
the tides flow once again...
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