You Are Not The Hero!
Legendary hero off to save the world? BOOORING. Feel what it's like to play as an NPC behind the scenes!



You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

I uploaded a new demo, the same one on the Kickstarter page.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Oh trust me if RPG Maker had that kind of capability out of the box it would be a no brainer. Multiplayer though is a whole new ball game, I'll save it for our next game.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

We don't have an exact price yet on how much the game will be once its released, though it'll be more than $15 so backing the campaign is definitely cheaper than waiting for release day.

I went into detail about why I thought RPG Maker has a bad reputation here:

There's a few reasons why I've been hesitant to include a public demo:
1: The initial plan of releasing it only to backers of a certain tier has already been decided and people have already pledged to it. Releasing it publicly would most likely tick them off.
2: I'm my worst critic, so no matter how many people tell me how amazing the game is after playing it, I still assume everyone will cancel their pledges as soon as they realize what a piece of crap it is.
3: The same reason the vast majority of game developers don't release a demo early on is that it's incomplete and will have a high chance of leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths.

There are other reasons why it wasn't available immediately. I've studied many campaigns and have noticed that the majority of those with playable demos did worse than they could have if they had not released it first.

Regardless, I do still want to release the demo publicly, so I have a few solutions.
For 1, I'll be contacting all of the backers of that tier early on to tell them that I'll be releasing the demo publicly, and I'll compensate them if they decide to stay at the $25 tier. If they would rather not, they can always lower their pledge.
For 2 and 3, I'm waiting for a few Lets Plays to surface on YouTube before I decide on releasing it. At least it should reassure me a bit.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks for everyones support guys! No worries, I have a pretty thick internet skin. Get in my face in person though and I'll cry like a baby ;3 We're actually doing really well in Steam, we have a higher percentage of YES votes compared to the average of the top 100 games on greenlight, which is really surprising. I don't even need to defend RPG Maker, a lot of people on there are doing it for me~

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Hi guys,

you're right about being more transparent for the fairness of the higher tiers. I doubt anyone with that kind of money would actually pledge those amounts without first messaging me though, I've also noticed that people pulling the trigger on the $250 tier did so after I detailed it more in the comments. Regardless, ill address the issue today in the FAQ and put a note to contact me first.

As for that goal, I'm already getting criticism by the kickstarter community that the goal is too little compared to the development timeframe and the quality of the game being presented in the video. In one community I'm defending the viability by saying RPG maker allows me to offset costs because of the ease of development, while in another I have to explain what I'm using all the money for. The breakdown of funds are detailed under the "why kickstarter" header, under which its clear that I really only keep about $3,000 for myself, which I'm using to go at development for a full year. Nevermind that over a third of that is just to recuperate costs I've already spent on custom tilesets(celianna), script licenses and commission, artwork and illustration commissions, copyright, and so forth. I'm in a convenient situation where I don't have to pay rent for a year and a half, which also helps to keep the funding goal in check.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks guys really appreciate it~

@Fidchell RTP is available for commercial use if you own the engine that it came with.

@edchuy I've got a few takers for the side quest already, though nothing yet for the people who can develop part of the game with me. They have the opportunity if they want, though it's not like it's necessary for me to finish the game~ Like a lot of people who've held Kickstarters have said, if you give them an opportunity to spend money on you, they'll do it.

@Happy I'm mainly talking about the MACK sprites and the RTP tileset. The mack sprites will be replaced with custom sprites by amicable, while the RTP tileset will only be replaced if I'm able to get someone to work on a custom tileset for the game, most likely if there is a stretch goal.

@Sailerius Honestly I was going to address it when someone brought it up on Kickstarter, but so far nobody has questioned it, not even through private messages which is pretty interesting. I'll address it sooner or later, it's only the first two days after all. I don't see anything wrong with using RPG Maker if that's what you mean, I do promise to address it eventually~ most likely when I submit it to greenlight where all of the naysayers come from.

Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

I'm kind of surprised not to see a digital copy of the game on the list?

Mmmm... I forgot to mention, these are the rewards I'm interested in getting input on, but a digital copy of the game will be included in every reward tier except for the first one.

Choices choices

Thank you for your inputs guys, really appreciate the feedback. I know where I'll be taking the game, in fact little has changed from the direction it's been going up to this point. I can safely say that whatever comes in the coming chapters will be how I planned it from the beginning, luckily it seems you all feel the same way.
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