You Are Not The Hero!
Legendary hero off to save the world? BOOORING. Feel what it's like to play as an NPC behind the scenes!



You Are Not The Hero! Review

Hmm I actually don't mind this review, especially considering its only for the demo. It does touch on a lot of things that I'll be changing for the end product, mainly the fourth-wall breaking humor, which would have been fine with my initial intention for the game, but that has since changed.

I'd agree with urano that you don't really understand the point of not playing the hero. It's not that you're playing an "NPC", you're playing as a bystander, and you happen to get caught up into the affairs of the cliche heroes. So you shouldn't expect to have mechanics like an actual NPC such as invincibility, it wouldn't make for a very compelling game.

Regardless, I should have mentioned somewhere that this demo is meant to show off gameplay above all else. Both Chapters were made as proof of concept early this year after all. Though I don't see why you would count certain points double over other things simply because you felt they should deserve more emphasis, I don't think I've ever seen any reviews do that. Anyway, thanks for the critique~ I'll keep them in mind!

You Are Not The Hero! Review

Lovely review, I was hoping someone would review the demo and I'm pleasantly surprised! Really hope more pop up!

Would you say that exploring more of the worlds storyline would be a welcome addition to future chapters?

As for the health and mana, I literally beat myself up about whether to implement it or not for weeks. On one hand, it would detract from the fact that the player isn't actually a player. On the other, it would leave out a whole system that really defines the RPG Genre. I knew that it would take away a little bit from the game, but adding that extra depth will give me much more wiggle room with implementing other mechanics to the game that would otherwise feel shallow. I thought about leaving mana out, but I have some ideas that will implement it fairly well.
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