You Are Not The Hero!
Legendary hero off to save the world? BOOORING. Feel what it's like to play as an NPC behind the scenes!



Teaser for the finale of Chapter 2 of You Are Not The Hero!

Anaoki~ the demo stops after Chapter 2, Chapter 3 isn't complete and ends on the map with the ferry. Which reminds me that I really need to update this place~

You Are Not The Hero! Review

Hmm I actually don't mind this review, especially considering its only for the demo. It does touch on a lot of things that I'll be changing for the end product, mainly the fourth-wall breaking humor, which would have been fine with my initial intention for the game, but that has since changed.

I'd agree with urano that you don't really understand the point of not playing the hero. It's not that you're playing an "NPC", you're playing as a bystander, and you happen to get caught up into the affairs of the cliche heroes. So you shouldn't expect to have mechanics like an actual NPC such as invincibility, it wouldn't make for a very compelling game.

Regardless, I should have mentioned somewhere that this demo is meant to show off gameplay above all else. Both Chapters were made as proof of concept early this year after all. Though I don't see why you would count certain points double over other things simply because you felt they should deserve more emphasis, I don't think I've ever seen any reviews do that. Anyway, thanks for the critique~ I'll keep them in mind!

You Are Not The Hero!

Hey guys~

For the controller, it's using the default RPG Maker controller scheme on there. Mind sharing what controller you're using Marche? Our lead programmer is working on controller support.

The framerate issues are known, especially for slower computers. RPG Maker doesn't use the graphics card at all, it relies purely on the CPU. It's horribly inefficient, and if you have a lot of things going on in the background it'll be that much worse. Other than that, a lot of the mechanics are still purely evented, which we plan on converting to scripts, which should lessen the framerate issues.

You Are Not The Hero!

Hehe sorry Shayoko. The old version was from May so your saves won't work >_< we changed a 'lot' since then, including how some of the graphics are used, it's an unavoidable error.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

I uploaded a new demo, the same one on the Kickstarter page.

You Are Not The Hero!

Nice, thanks for sharing Shayoko! We'll be releasing a new public demo in the next few days for the Kickstarter, and we'll be including a few easter eggs in it too!

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Oh trust me if RPG Maker had that kind of capability out of the box it would be a no brainer. Multiplayer though is a whole new ball game, I'll save it for our next game.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

We don't have an exact price yet on how much the game will be once its released, though it'll be more than $15 so backing the campaign is definitely cheaper than waiting for release day.

I went into detail about why I thought RPG Maker has a bad reputation here:

There's a few reasons why I've been hesitant to include a public demo:
1: The initial plan of releasing it only to backers of a certain tier has already been decided and people have already pledged to it. Releasing it publicly would most likely tick them off.
2: I'm my worst critic, so no matter how many people tell me how amazing the game is after playing it, I still assume everyone will cancel their pledges as soon as they realize what a piece of crap it is.
3: The same reason the vast majority of game developers don't release a demo early on is that it's incomplete and will have a high chance of leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths.

There are other reasons why it wasn't available immediately. I've studied many campaigns and have noticed that the majority of those with playable demos did worse than they could have if they had not released it first.

Regardless, I do still want to release the demo publicly, so I have a few solutions.
For 1, I'll be contacting all of the backers of that tier early on to tell them that I'll be releasing the demo publicly, and I'll compensate them if they decide to stay at the $25 tier. If they would rather not, they can always lower their pledge.
For 2 and 3, I'm waiting for a few Lets Plays to surface on YouTube before I decide on releasing it. At least it should reassure me a bit.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks for everyones support guys! No worries, I have a pretty thick internet skin. Get in my face in person though and I'll cry like a baby ;3 We're actually doing really well in Steam, we have a higher percentage of YES votes compared to the average of the top 100 games on greenlight, which is really surprising. I don't even need to defend RPG Maker, a lot of people on there are doing it for me~