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Legendary hero off to save the world? BOOORING. Feel what it's like to play as an NPC behind the scenes!



You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Hi guys,

you're right about being more transparent for the fairness of the higher tiers. I doubt anyone with that kind of money would actually pledge those amounts without first messaging me though, I've also noticed that people pulling the trigger on the $250 tier did so after I detailed it more in the comments. Regardless, ill address the issue today in the FAQ and put a note to contact me first.

As for that goal, I'm already getting criticism by the kickstarter community that the goal is too little compared to the development timeframe and the quality of the game being presented in the video. In one community I'm defending the viability by saying RPG maker allows me to offset costs because of the ease of development, while in another I have to explain what I'm using all the money for. The breakdown of funds are detailed under the "why kickstarter" header, under which its clear that I really only keep about $3,000 for myself, which I'm using to go at development for a full year. Nevermind that over a third of that is just to recuperate costs I've already spent on custom tilesets(celianna), script licenses and commission, artwork and illustration commissions, copyright, and so forth. I'm in a convenient situation where I don't have to pay rent for a year and a half, which also helps to keep the funding goal in check.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks guys really appreciate it~

@Fidchell RTP is available for commercial use if you own the engine that it came with.

@edchuy I've got a few takers for the side quest already, though nothing yet for the people who can develop part of the game with me. They have the opportunity if they want, though it's not like it's necessary for me to finish the game~ Like a lot of people who've held Kickstarters have said, if you give them an opportunity to spend money on you, they'll do it.

@Happy I'm mainly talking about the MACK sprites and the RTP tileset. The mack sprites will be replaced with custom sprites by amicable, while the RTP tileset will only be replaced if I'm able to get someone to work on a custom tileset for the game, most likely if there is a stretch goal.

@Sailerius Honestly I was going to address it when someone brought it up on Kickstarter, but so far nobody has questioned it, not even through private messages which is pretty interesting. I'll address it sooner or later, it's only the first two days after all. I don't see anything wrong with using RPG Maker if that's what you mean, I do promise to address it eventually~ most likely when I submit it to greenlight where all of the naysayers come from.

Nominating Commercial Games for Misaos

It's not up yet, we're planning to launch it by the end of the week~ I'll see what I can do about getting you some banners. Should I put "Kickstarter" on them?

Nominating Commercial Games for Misaos

Hey guys! I didn't think there was a thread about this ;x thanks for wanting to nominate my project though I really appreciate the support! YANTH wasn't going to be commercial at first, but once I was able to recruit a team then the dream suddenly became possible.

Anyway, everything hedges on the Kickstarter being a success or nobody gets their money until I work it off at the local taco bell ;x I wish going commercial suddenly gave me a big budget but I've been working my ass off to make sure the game looks as good as possible for the launch.

If the game is overfunded, I was thinking of carrying over some of the extra funds to other RM games that really deserve it. The fact that YANTH will be made with RM won't go unnoticed and I want to show people that good games can come out of the engine, not just undercooked ones. Again I really appreciate the support guys and I hope to have it during the campaign!

You Are Not The Hero!

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Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

I'm kind of surprised not to see a digital copy of the game on the list?

Mmmm... I forgot to mention, these are the rewards I'm interested in getting input on, but a digital copy of the game will be included in every reward tier except for the first one.

NPC Public Service Announcement

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You Are Not The Hero!

Hey bulmabriefs, If you've already played the demo once then you've played the most recent one. I'm updating media but I haven't updated the demo. I believe you'll see if it's been updated. At the moment we're working pretty hard to get the next demo up for the Kickstarter, please look forward to it!

Chances are, early supporters of our game will also get a copy of the Kickstarter demo.

Release Something Weekend

Hopefully things will work out and we can get some closure on this past RSW~ Maybe an official announcement on what's going on might help?

Release Something Weekend

What happened to this?