You Are Not The Hero!
Legendary hero off to save the world? BOOORING. Feel what it's like to play as an NPC behind the scenes!



Release Something Weekend

I also didn't make "Zelda Game" and it was definitely from the media issue, since the game number and my media number are the same.


Yes Sana that's exactly what I was going for, though I tried to make it more of an homage and less of a ripoff. Don't think I succeeded well enough ;x
Thanks Brady! I had a tough time figuring out the look of that minigame.
Honestly this screenshot is the gateway shot that makes people want to try the game out, which is why I used it as the picture for the game listings. Give it a try if you haven't yet!

You Are Not The Hero!

perhaps a tester/consultant would be useful. Maybe if I need to bounce a few ideas around I'll send you a message, or to test out a new mechanic I'm developing.

You Are Not The Hero!

Well, never say never, but I do like to keep things close to the chest, quality/polish control and so forth. Is there anything you specialize in?

Release Something Weekend

Is it neurotic/obsessive of me to want to change my demo immediately after receiving feedback to make it better and release an update as soon as possible? :)

I am holding off releasing a new update as long as I can stomach it.. I am spending the time adding interactions into the maps.. I don't want to release a new version and then a few minutes later get more feedback on the first version that is something really obvious.. but at the same time, I'm growing increasingly anxious that there is a less than perfect version of the demo on the site.. *sigh*

It's something we all have to battle with. The way I handle it, instead of adding more content at the very end before finishing a demo, I do a polish run-through of the game. I play it over and over to find bugs myself, because I know where to look, compared to playtesters. Then I do one more playthrough completely opposite of what a player should do, and see if it gets broken. Then I fix all said errors/bugs and finally submit it.

Trailer for Chapter 2 of You Are Not The Hero!

Thanks Liberty! This was a scene in the middle of Chapter 2 when Petula finally manages to catch up to the heroes and Akika, who she told to follow them while she took care of business at the village. Hope you manage to find time to try it out!

You Are Not The Hero!

Thanks KillingLight! Unfortunately I only have 2 chapters of the game finished so far, currently working on the finale for Chapter 2. Hopefully I'll keep you interested by the time I finish!

Release Something Weekend

Release Something Weekend

The EVENT itself only has the option for participants to submit game downloads or to submit media. So if the event uses game downloads, then all participants can only submit game downloads. If the event uses media, participants can only submit media items. Currently, an event cannot have mixed submission types.

does that make sense?

Thanks for the clarification, That's what I understood from the previous posts. What I'm wondering, is how people, participants and event holders will know that you have both, if the event only accepts games as submissions(from what I've gathered so far, people submitting media end up accidentally submitting a game with the same number).

Release Something Weekend

<Ankylo> you can't use game media and game downloads...
for the same event.
<Ankylo> I should put in some javascript that prevents you from checking more than one...
when setting up events.

So... yeah, you can't submit Media. The event code can't handle it!

So are we only restricted to submitting a game or media? What if you have both? Sorry very new to RMN and this event.