The Main Character and his Dynamic in the story

Silent protagonist worked for GTA 3.

Side Quests: Why?

Side quests pad a game when you get stuck on the main quest.

RMVX and you

RPGM 2K3 is:
- older
- has a side view battle system
- has double height sprites

Meaning that people think it rawks like Final Fantasy III US

- younger
- has a front view battle system
- has single height sprites (but can have double, but people are lazy)

Meaning that people think its Final Fantasy Legend

Articles: Why they are neglected and what you can do about it.

Maybe people read articles, but don't commet?

Maybe people would just rather ask questions.

Halloween Short Game Contest

Short games! We need more of them to fill up the servers. Woo! :-)

bag lunch.png

The big tree in the center looks out of place.


Nice colors

[community project] arMaiageddon V 1.1

i think i have gotten pretty far into the game. 8 hours in and it is pretty enjoyable. it has its problems though, outdoor maps lag, i'm assuming because of how many events you use.

the good
- puzzles are sweet and there are a variety
- locales look beautiful epsecially for VX
- variety of caves and a variety of lights and screen tones used
- the humor is probably the best part. without being a parody game, its very good
- the story itself
- finding ways to get to the brown treasures prooved more fun than i thought it would be

the bad
- outdoor maps lag when you enter them
- no enemies
- barely any equipment, but there is no gold to even buy it
- most townspeople have random dialog instead of specific things they say
- when i pick the main character as a female, it results in some pretty funny dialog for a woman to say
- an angel and a devil on a team?

the conclusion
- since you say this is an alpha, it is still one of the most enjoyable alphas i've played because of the dialog, banter and puzzles.
- i'm not sure if you do random enemy encounters if i want to deal with the puzzles.
- all and all, i think the bad things will stop a new player from playing, which is a shame

Idea for a new Community Project

war? war isn't simple. people have different rules when you "war." there was a different forum that had nothing to do with games. someone made his own card based PC game for Doom and Quake. it was pretty good too, but the maker lost interest.

Legends of Phanare VX Airship over Ruined Castle.PNG

needs more going on here like mountains and trees
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