I need help to make my animal crossing game!

Here is a list of things i need help on. I have RMXP by the way.
How to make NPCs to say random things depending on what season it is, or just something completely random since it is an animal crossing game!

How to catch random fish! You have to be able to catch random fish! Cause if you just go back to the shore and catch the same exact fish every day then sell it for 3,000 bells that wouldn't be fun!

Catching random bugs and butterflies and spiders etc. This goes along with the fish.

How to customize your house with different furniture and different stuff like that. You HAVE to be able to customize your house, but how?

Mini Games/NES Games. I need a little help on those but I think I will be ok.

All the save files in one town! They all have to be in the same town! There are four save files and 8 houses, so I need to have all the save files in one freaking town!

That is pretty much it. I know how to make the guy swim and stuff too so that will be it for now and i will let you know if i need more help.


Shadow Corporations

Problem when trying to have someone type in a name

I am having trouble with the thing that makes it so you can type in your name on RMXP. rmxp. It just shows a bunch of blankness. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Also, how do I make it so it says the player's name whenever someone says something about it. Is there something I have to type in there like
%c36 or something? Please please help me. So i need help on getting the type in name to work, and also how it says the typed in name since I don't know it!

I need help NOW!

What is the code on Channel Changer? I need it real bad!

Why can't you delete Loz: Next Generation?

Well, why can't you? I mean, grod456 got banned, so can't you delte his game? Unless you are planning on letting him back on! It looks like a great game though, and before he got banned he gave us the game and everything... then we made a guide. So can we make the game over again but with a different title? If we can, that would be very nice!

message when trying to log out

whenever i try to log out, it just says this message:
Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again.

What the crap does that mean?


There is no! It is gone now and it said it would be out this summer! Darnit! I wanted to go there so bad! :(
>:( i'm mad at them for saying something that's really not real!

Any way they are going to bring it back? Or is it now at a different site?

TRAIN ACTOR or ABS Script for rmxp! RPG XP!

Someone please help. For my upcoming game that I AM ACTUALLY MAKING called FireRed. I either need the TRAIN ACTOR script or the ABS script to make the game. Both would be nice, but i don't wanna put you guys thru so much trouble. I also need instructions on where to put them in the script editor please.

Thanks you wonderul people!

you can contact me at

Army Guys!

My friend is making an army game so i need an army guy charset. this is rmxp we're talkin about, so yeah.
Thanks people!

First Annual GP! ( Game Player )

Welcome to the first annual Game Player thread!
Here is where you enter in someone's username and game, and why you think it would be good for us to put in our GP 2007 game (soon coming to RMN). Once we have a couple games, and we have played them, we will talk about them in the game!
Thank you very much.

Screen Black

Ok. You now how people make the screen black on RPG Maker XP? I need to know how to do that.
So, how do I make it so that I can... make the screen turn black, like if a guy is going to bed, and then it plays a little ringtone, then it comes back up and says something or something. I need to know what it is it is crucial in the game I'm making right now.

Thanks for uh, helping.
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