I am an Animation and Media Arts Major at Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online who likes to play games, sing, read, and occasionally edit fan fiction (Whenever someone actually asks...) among other things. I really appreciate art in all forms, my artwork is not limited to just drawing. I also have a repertoire of very interesting, but sometimes useless knowledge! Should you wish to ask me anything, please use my e-mail stated below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I do warn you, however; if you ask for my help, you will get it. Consistently. If you don't like setting due dates, I may not be the person for you :/ sorry.



Monster Hunters: Frost Giant

I got the error message "unable to find VL Gothic font". Is this common and can it be fixed?


No offence, but just by reading the summary, I can see this still needs an editor. The artwork looks nice so far, though.

Winter Blossoms

This looks really good so far (a couple things seem off, but I'm sure this has already been pointed out). The noses took a little to get used to, but after that, I really enjoy the artwork as it is noticeable and very original in its efforts. I look forward playing this in the future!


Its a good game :) you do have a few spelling issues, though D: I like the atmosphere in all the dreams and half the time I was afraid to approach something, wondering if it would eat XD
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