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awesome looking team! pia and Mao would be proud!


beautiful but honestly the giant machine fortress looks like it belongs in another dimension.
visually it doesn't fit with the town.
still looks amazing tho.


I wish i had the talent to draw like that. amazing artwork.

War of Existence

Random thoughts
Great artwork

Theres too many keys for controls

painkiller says it restores 500hp but it only restores 200

the dialog is a bit awkward. during the sabrina scene for example when she is talking to seki. at times
i wasn't sure if she was talking about the diary or herself. like
"my eyes are beautiful but you can look at them some other time."
i thought she meant herself as it made little sense to be part of a diary started a few days ago

My name is still ??? despite them calling me Azul

lol...why would god send hope to hell when he sends people there to suffer?

it does not make sense for Azul to say "why is this happened to me all a sudden"
she has no memories outside of recent events. there is nothing sudden about this.

theres not enough heals and too many enemies at the radio place.
and maybe its partly because i cant find a use for the guard ability since there isn't much delay in their attacks.

Thoughts 1H Dropped
This game has potential but i did not enjoy it due to the quality of the writing.
between grammar mistakes or just awkward wording of things i couldn't get immersed in what was going on.
Thats my biggest dislike with the experience currently.

The artwork,gameplay and plot are good. and i am interested to see where it goes.

This needs some work but i recommend this.

The Titanium Ten

-This game sucks
-this dev makes poor games
-this dev doesn't understand why his game should be improved.
-this dev does not understand that people have the right to hate what he makes without reason

this is malicious? what ever...

Nora's Tale

Random thoughts
you can change your name but if you did it wouldn't be noras tale o.o

interesting start! very class zelda :D

how is the location of something unknown but people say it's >insert location here<!?
its not unknown then!

its a bit late to say someone has to stop here after she ran away o.o
how does this random priest know all this?
and more importantly a book in the library said she died.

you'd think the least the townsfolk could do is give you some starting money since you will be risking your life for their sake!

infinite bombs! i was expecting to need to buy them

the death screen could probably be improved.

its a shame the map shows you on the floor when you're not.

Thoughts 1h 44M
Starting with the bad. a few grammar improvements could be made,theres a few bugs that could crash the game or prevent you from continuing if you don't have back up saves.
also 2 rooms i experienced low frame rates.
the plot and characters are classic (empty) which is expected
besides that i enjoyed the experience.
which is fine in this case because the smooth gameplay is what you play this for.

of the zelda style games i have seen on a rpg maker engine this is by far the best! easy/quick to switch to the gear you want.
and good but not challenging what so ever enemies/bosses.
in that regard a improvement would be difficultys.
the current version would be easy

Fun game i recommend it.

Dead Illusion

random thoughts
Was leaving to go to college really bad enough to commit suicide?

The game says S to save but its A for me

you can skip talking to clyde and leave the room (i guess this does not matter in this case)

wow the rooms are huge,elles room has enough space for 4 windows spread apart!

i wonder who recorded that tape
o.o that kid is me a sane kid that would see that and say oh man its busted!

the missing toy chest was so forced lol...the gullible kid aside for clyde who was just chilling in the room the entire time to
not think its weird is hard to believe. its not like they have much in there.

i wonder what year this takes place in. i know some people still have VHS its just really odd.

Clyde recognizes that monsters exist but wont help you...i don't even...

why the hell is every door locked? whats wrong with this family...even the parents room? seriously?

O.O we have electricity?! we could of turned on the house lights the whole time!? (if there were light switches)

delicate bear indeed so delicate it can kill adults!

funny we had 2 spare batterys i didn't need more then the starting one.
i had 3 bars left when i got tot eh end and that's because i wasted some power intentionally.

The ending felt lacking. he could of at least killed us so its clear what the point of it all was. or a time skip seeing how the trauma effected him.
we also couldn't go into the basement,the room to the right of the sisters and open the chest north of your room.
we also never found out what the deal with the sister was.
or why clyde was well...not reacting like you would mage him to.

Thoughts 40M+ (based on blind)
I liked the atmosphere this had and the easy to use flightless that you didn't have to access a menu to turn on and off! the mapping was okay but i felt at least the indoors could of been condensed more.

That aside would be the dislikes (which peoples defense would be its a horror game but hats a weak argument)
Is the non-existent characters (they have no depth,goals,backstory (excluding a couple scenes for you),future they just feel empty.

And the plot which seems to center around
your sister but she isn't really given enough information to find out why she committed suicide,how she felt,what her situation was pretty much anything.sure there was something about college and she gave you a few toys and played at a tree house but what else?

your parents die at the end but that's the first we have seen of them and just heard of then seconds ago. there wasn't much reason to care about there deaths outside of their blood relation to you.however since your character isn't that interesting in the first reaction was. "okay i was expecting what are we going to do about it?"

Short version is i couldn't get immersed in what was going on as the plot and characters were weak

it's a okay game.

Black Winter

Ver 04/08/2016
Random thoughts
Those warnings that say don't play the game if you are (what people should be)
make no sense. should just say what kind of potential offensive content is in the experience.

That cardboard truck!

Why would you do something for gods sake? it doesn't need help.
well he doesnt exist to begin with but if it did it woudn't.

the intro is way too long and tedious...because they keep repeating the same dam things...
and the grammar needs work which includes making it less awkward.
i mean its so bad that lily (the female in your group) says "lets find the mine" that you're standing directly in front of...

the lighting for the campfire looks bad.its blue

i didn't expect to get a vegan lesson here. tho it should be obvious that meat comes from dead animals.
and for them to be dead they have to be killed and chopped into pieces. i pity the idea of a person not understanding that.

tho this guy isn't that smart...they are in the middle of nowhere,during a dam cave and the thinks his phone is going to work!?
and then there is the fire...the list of problems there are with the fire they made!
not sure if they are ignorant or suicidal.

how do you save!? this is getting ridiculous!

what does morgan mean? "it is freezing out here." (the insides of caves are not effected by surface it would not be cold inside...)

Thoughts Dropped
I could go on a rant about why this is terrible and that's not even finishing it.
so generally speaking the badly written dialog aside.
Are the characters suppose to lack all forms of common sense?

they keep repeating themselves thus conversations go no where.
they keep doing illogical things to the point where i wonder if the developer them self lacks knowledge and understanding of things.

and then there is saving. which i never found out how to despite playing for long enough to see at least 1.
As for good points. the character art,mapping and visual atmosphere (excluding the card board truck) is great

This was a bad experience i don't recommend.

Joseph's Farm

Random thoughts spoilers

right into the game! :D

i like saving in this! you just check the book and save! none of that Do you wish to say Y/N nonsense!
of course we do! that's why we are doing this!

angela must be on the track team with that running speed :D

1000 words for a essay? i would just take a picture.

O.O we just leave the secret door open :O
someones gonna be pissed!

a religious painting represented by a feather. i wonder if this is symbolism

dental floss has no description!?

those furrys should be asking themselves whats wrong with them the way they were acting
dam hypocrites :/

do...we have to actually research chemicals? bad move. puzzle info should always be in game.
google search didn't help me had to do trial and error.

i don't get how you even die. its a dream right?

when you use Aqua regia it stays in your inventory

not sure how a person wrote a note after being killed. for her to know what would happen which is being killed.
and then writing about it o.o

that's not a knife that's a saw! :O

surprised how slow the wolf is. he isn't dangerous at all o.o

i never understood the point of adding the word up to eat you.
not only does it not make sense it sounds bad.

:O Bo Peep made the sheep weep!
which would be fine if the wolf wasn't there when bringing the sheep back.
then again its a dream so that can slide

if the waiter never got farther then the pool how did he get past me???
and why haven't i seen him before? or even a possibility of someone else.

the whole base of 2 thing doesn't make sense to me. at all. multiplying the next number by 2 twice get those but whats the point?

i see rather then a cutscene ending it was various details around the school. interesting.
tho i'm sad we didn't get dialog from angela to know how she feels after this experience.
and i'm curious how the secret room even exists.

what was the purpose of it being constructed?
what happened to joes real body when he disappeared?
from the information in the cafeteria its safe to assume when you're in the cage in the dream world that your real body is in a coma. so why did joe disappear?

and why did someone have to take his place?
what is the purpose of it?

would the new person just teleport in?

Why cant you use pyrokinesis to break the door open?

also he is bruised so after the first time you saw him something entered the cell and harm in yet the door hasn't been opened in 18 years?

who was in the cell before him?

what happens if the person in the cell dies?
who would replace them?

what decides what person has these dreams and why?

did angela get special powers in real life after this?

why did the caged man ask them to get 3 items to get him out if he knew it was useless?

thoughts 1H 40M
Mixed feelings with this experience.
the part i disliked the most was needing knowledge the average person either doesn't know or forgets as its irrelevant to most peoples daily life. so you may need to look up information to solve some puzzles or trial and error.

that said the ideas for the puzzles were interesting and i enjoyed the atmosphere the game had.
the mapping ranged from okay-good and no battles!

The plot left me wondering a good amount of things (see Q sections of random thoughts)
and there was no character development.
The endings left me wanting a bit more

despite my complaints it was a refreshing break from games with battles.

Flip Dimensions

random thoughts
kazuki said "thank the goddess"? a dark lord believes in goddesses?
he killed one XD

the criticism of the blond girls work is really poor. their points are invalid. (in the sick girls room)

its hard to say what the Japanese stance on religion is. at new year they go to temples to pray.
and believe in multiple gods outside that as far as i understand money is god in their culture.

i like the goddess introductions!

:O minori it hurt! someone will pay! in! blood!

kazukis not human?! 82 years old!?
hmm oh right there was something about them being different forgot since not playing it together

yay! we can use a boat and sail! :D

the lava going thru the door as you open them was a cool idea

You can skip talking to the doctor that is taking care of minori and go strait to the earth shrine.
need to add a trigger to stop that scene explains why you go there

i can even pretend to understand suphis...he is way too obsessed with his father...especially considering they together for a long time...and somehow he still has a unrealistically strong bond simply because he is his father?

I don't get the purpose of suphis wind magic puzzle. what is the reason he cant just directly hit the blocks with his magic for them to activate?

i don't understand the line that goes something like...
"if you cant defeat kamlyn you cant accept reality"
which happens shortly before fighting him

meds a cruel goddess...shes way more evil then kazuki is o.o

The dark drown skill does not say kazuki+med

This chapter has been a rough ride between glitches and grammar mistakes but that aside.
it was a pretty good chapter. some entertaining dialog,some drama,more plot,new characters and mostly avoidable battles! :D
looking forward to the final 2 chapters!