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D is for Dungeon
A dungeon crawler starring a baby.
Revelation Chronicles: E...
Anime styled Fantasy RPG.
Essence Enforcer
An Enforcer's duty is to protect the city and the people. But what, exactly, does that mean?
Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.
What would you do for your kin?
a pretty FROSTY game for game chill 2013
The Longing Ribbon
Horror RPG, winner of the 2005 Misao for Best Atmosphere.
Monster Love Party
A short comedy horror game in time for Halloween!
Eternal Dreams - The tal...
A Visual Novel about gods, friendship, love and the end of the world.
Spirit Recollection
A magic-based JRPG where everyone has magic.. except Ceal.
Summer 2011 Contest Entry
"When the stagnant earth flows with the blood of all but one, thou direst wish shall be granted."
Painted Heart
Restore a lost painting with your art.
A puzzle/adventure game with unusual capabilities
Sacred Earth: Promise
A group of old friends are brought together, and an old promise is remembered...
Star's Keep
When the future and past collide, will any timeline survive the chaos?
The Last Pirate Queen
When there's no room left in the world for mercenaries and magic, how will you adapt to the changing circumstances and survive the oncoming storm?
Professor McLogic Saves ...
Solve randomly-generated logic puzzles for the betterment of humankind
The Clans - Cursed Souls
The Clans - Cursed Souls is a RPG/Horror game set into The Clans universe. It is also contest entry for Indie Game Maker 2014.
Goodbye, Academy
A psychological game about a boy with lost memories
ovnogesl v3
A short story of a boy who is awakened by a recurring dream
A dream-exploration game set in the future.
Divinity Fatum
As character without any memories of the past, you slowly unveil mystery of place she's woken up in, as well as her bitter past.
Bloody Rose
"I am you Bloody Knight, I swear to protect you no matter what." "I am your Bloody Heaven, I swear to love you whatever you do." "I am your Bloody Rose, I swear to remain with you forever."
Homework Salesman
A life simulation dungeon crawler / crafting / resource hoarding game
Star Stealing Prince
Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.
Schuld (English Translat...
a short, surreal, psychological horror
Harvest Sprites
A Harvest Moon like game where your crops can save a village.
Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.
Ara Fell
A 16-bit era, Japanese-style roleplaying game set in a magical world floating above the clouds.
Pocket Mirror Classic (2...
A thrilling horror game filled with mystery and heartbreaking revelations!
Ill Will
Mystery and survival in Purgatory.
Is there a way to bring her back?
Play as a young girl doing her best to save her sister.
A Home Far Away
Two siblings lose each other, reunite and must find their way back home in this light-hearted adventure <3 A complete game, two years in the making.
Adventure Academy
Raising Simulator with an eccentric sense of humor
Harvest Moon VX
A recreation of the original Harvest Moon for the SNES using VX Ace's engine.
The Visitor
Short Horror made for contest.
Seven Mysteries
Keep the secret...
She Comes
The wrong person in the wrong family.
Bleeding Moons
Bleeding Moons is an interactive story about fate, duty and free will.
Lost Story
A Story of Classical Brilliance
Sleepless Night
Horror/Psycho Visual Novel
Dear RED
"Be a good girl and everyone will love you"
The Merchant's Tale
A mysterious merchant guides a mysterious goddess.
Very Retrouvaille
Help a little ram find their pet rabbit.
Ghost Suburb Zero
Adventures in particle formations and love's timed vibrations.
Safety: Life Is A Maze
Find out where your friend Andy went to! It's a Action/Adventure RPG/Thing.
Pom Gets Wi-Fi
A pomeranian's quest for wi-fi.
It Moves
If this game doesn't make your skin crawl…it's on too tight!
Very Pink Game
a little game set in a very pink world
Deja~Vu Chronicles
aka - an epic adventure in reverse
Nightmares of Jumping Bu...
Escape the Bunnies! (Secret Santa event gift)
Ciel Nocturne
Despite having a sharp pain in my head all I could think about was.. who am I?
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.
You play as Mat, a college student who checks out a mansion with a few friends. Little does he know there is something wrong with the house.