Really not much to say. Been around for a long, long time in the RPG Maker community and just came to one day to see what it was all about.



The No BS Guide to: RPG Maker MV

Processing completed finally. Here is the video uploaded today!

The No BS Guide to: RPG Maker MV

Sorry I haven't updated this page in a while. I actually had another video up on my YouTube channel for this for quite a while but never updated this post. I also have another video up that I will post here later as soon as YouTube is done processing it.

The No BS Guide to: RPG Maker MV

Hey, all. Just a heads up that Part 4 is up :) I hope you all have a great day! The next part will cover events.

Part 4 - Database part 3:

The No BS Guide to: RPG Maker MV

Part 3 is up finally, after what seems to be a super long time :) Sorry for the wait!

The No BS Guide to: RPG Maker MV

.... where do i download the thing to make games? This isn't for the tutorial but if anyone else is confused, they can see. Please help

You can purchase RPG Maker MV from as well as the other RPG Maker games.

Additionally, if you want to support this site, you can also purchase RPG Maker XP, VX and VX Ace from the store on this site ( )

The No BS Guide to: RPG Maker MV

Part 2 is up. I will begin working on Part 3 soon.

The No BS Guide to: RPG Maker MV

Part 2 is coming soon. It is going to cover the Database. There is a lot to unpack in the Database for beginners, so in recording it, I've got one hour and forty-seven minutes to edit down. I'll have that out asap.

RPG Maker Beginner Tutorials

Thanks! I'll do that!

RPG Maker Beginner Tutorials

Hey, guys. I just wanted to share this series of RPG Maker tutorials that I'm working on. The tutorials are being made using RPG Maker MV, but I am hoping to make sure that the bulk of the series provides knowledge that can be transferable between the previous versions of the software, with the exception of a few things, such as plugin usage.

Obviously, being a small channel, and one that doesn't focus on RPG Maker (or have a relatively sizable audience to begin with), I need to look to other methods to get the word out and I figured that being one of the longest running communities, and one that I've lurked for years, I'd like to share it here to get more eyes on it and maybe help more people.

Currently, I only have one video up and plan on making more, but I am looking for viewer participation as well. In the first video, I provide a homework assignment to create a new map and ask that viewers share their maps with me.

Obviously, you don't have to be a newbie to join in, and the first video contains information that is super basic, but if you know anyone who is interested in checking out RPG Maker, I'd appreciate it if you could pass the word on.

I plan to upload the next video this week, but if I do not, it will be no later than Friday of next week because I want to take my time and make sure these are videos anybody can follow. I don't have a set release schedule for the videos either as I've just been working on trying to get eyes on it for viewer participation, but if a few folks participate, I may speed up the creation.

Thanks for your time

Here is the link, since it seems the YouTube Tag messes up formatting badly lol

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

OMFG I've been out of touch so long... a 2nd one? Brother, you've been at these for years. Glad to see another one being made.
And I just want to see the finish line so desperately right now, lol.

You'll get there, man lol. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward. You've got this.