Really not much to say. Been around for a long, long time in the RPG Maker community and just came to one day to see what it was all about.


RPG Maker Beginner Tutorials

Hey, guys. I just wanted to share this series of RPG Maker tutorials that I'm working on. The tutorials are being made using RPG Maker MV, but I am hoping to make sure that the bulk of the series provides knowledge that can be transferable between the previous versions of the software, with the exception of a few things, such as plugin usage.

Obviously, being a small channel, and one that doesn't focus on RPG Maker (or have a relatively sizable audience to begin with), I need to look to other methods to get the word out and I figured that being one of the longest running communities, and one that I've lurked for years, I'd like to share it here to get more eyes on it and maybe help more people.

Currently, I only have one video up and plan on making more, but I am looking for viewer participation as well. In the first video, I provide a homework assignment to create a new map and ask that viewers share their maps with me.

Obviously, you don't have to be a newbie to join in, and the first video contains information that is super basic, but if you know anyone who is interested in checking out RPG Maker, I'd appreciate it if you could pass the word on.

I plan to upload the next video this week, but if I do not, it will be no later than Friday of next week because I want to take my time and make sure these are videos anybody can follow. I don't have a set release schedule for the videos either as I've just been working on trying to get eyes on it for viewer participation, but if a few folks participate, I may speed up the creation.

Thanks for your time

Here is the link, since it seems the YouTube Tag messes up formatting badly lol

[RMMV] [RMVX ACE] Is there a good reason to jump from VX Ace to MV?

Hey, guys. I've been trying to really decide what is best for me regarding the RPG Makers. Based on my experience with RPG Maker VX Ace, it seems the best to me, due to past support and my ability to script things with it. That is not to say that I don't know a little bit of Java, as I've worked in C#, C++ and Java in the past, but I feel like the engine is too closed off and I'm not sure where to get information on the documentation or how to get started with extending the engine for my own use. I know it's not impossible, as other people are doing it already and doing very well, but I'm having troubles getting started. I don't even think MV has a fullscreen mode in it's games, does it?

So, my question is really, is there a good reason to jump from VX Ace to MV? When sideview battle systems are cool and all, but there are plenty of extendable scripts for VX Ace out there that that isn't a concern to me. I am also not concerned with exporting to mobile.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!

Lethrface's Character Factory [VX Ace]

Here are some characters I have made. If you want to use them, please give me some credit and if it is for a commercial game, Private Message me for permission.
(Lethrface is the name I go by at many places)

Each character below is based on the RTP for VX Ace with 100% original clothing assets made and put together using my Quicksprite software.
(as soon as my game is finished, I will be releasing each art asset for Quicksprite. They will probably not work in the VX Ace character generator)

Random Futuristic Style Swat officer with and without helmet.

A man wearing a baseball hat (loosely based on King of Fighters character Terry)

A "Cowboy"

A man in a suit

Also when I have the time, I will be posting more tutorials at my website so take a look at and subscribe to the blog for updates.

And if you want to take a look at the Quicksprite software, the thread for it is here.

Skyrim Commentaries

I decided recently that part of my usual gaming commentaries (it's slowed down lately due to the contests that I had recently entered), I would start doing Skyrim commentaries as well. I am going to try to post a video per day as well as get back into my other commentaries. If you are interested, check out the video and subscribe for more updates :D I will post new commentaries to this thread as well when time permits me to :)

Suggestions are also welcome.

Quicksprite v1.0 Release thread

QuickSprite, a program I designed to replace looseleaf's character generator as an offline equivalent with a few tweaks has now been released. This project has been a roller-coaster ride with fun and frustration but now I can finally move on to other projects as well as tweak this a bit here and there when necessary. I am happy to release this for all to use rather than just myself and the testers.

  • Drop-down menu character creation for all sizes of characters
  • Ability to use your own assets to make the creation of characters faster by simply putting the
    assets into their designated folder.
  • save your characters in a project file to load at a later time to make adjustments
  • zoom in if there is a fine detail that you wish to look at
  • change the background color to fit your style and to avoid transparency conflicts
  • adjust the hue of each individual piece to create different variations.
  • export the character to avoid having to print-screen and paste into your program of choice to crop it.
  • it's free (but donations are accepted)

As of right now the program doesn't include many assets (just the ones I used to test the program as I was developing it) but I am hoping to find individuals who are interested in creating them and sharing it with the community. I will post them on my website with full credit for the creator as well as updating this topic with the packs/pieces that are created.

You can download the program through the following link.


Let's Play Future Helper

I took the time to sit down and do a Let's Play of Future Helper as he was encouraging people to do so on a few occasions that I have seen. I will say that I was not easy on it. If you are interested in watching, the link to the playlist is here.

The first video:
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