I like to play video games! Horror is my favorite as well as fantasy! I really like rpgmaker games the most!



HOME (OFF fangame)

Rest in peace TheJudge :) I found this sad revelation on tumblr about your death, and I love your game! (never finished it because I got lost) I will finish it though in your honor!

Matryona's Last Night

WELP, my feelings just broke. I felt so bad.

Memories of Elefee

Ok, I don't know if its just me or the game is a bit buggy, but some scenes I cannot get past. I'm trying to get into the south village (after you and Soul spend the night camping) and it just sticks to the "now loading" screen for like 10 minutes

One Night at the Steeze

Oooh, its amazing. I love it


Love the music dearly, just wondering though. I am a bit stuck. I am looking for the gloves, but I have no idea what the note means by 'blue things'. As far as I can see, there are no blue things. The only blue things I found are the books, and the kitchen which is entirely blue

Trick & Treat

omg this game is super cute, I loved it <3

Soma Spirits

I adore it. Enjoyed the demo alot

Flowers of the Valley

This looks interesting! I can't wait for the completion!

QMS Retold

OMFG, I cannot wait!


I really liked the art style c: Reminded me a bit of OFF because of the black and white. I somehow got stuck on a short area, but I figured it out afterwards. Henrietta looks like a spiked demon dog, c: Can't wait!