haikus for s4d

YES, I do like making games and getting some spare cash on the side.

Keep these poems comin'! :D


Well, at least this beats watching MTV. :P

mog's health & fitness center (hey mog #3)

Hehehe, I'm starting to work-out myself! Been doin' the spinbike for about a hour, followed up with a trip to the streamer (30 minutes), and weights for about 45. I've JUST been starting, so a lot of this is pretty hard; I'll probably go hardcord in a few months.

Food wise, I've been having Rasin Bran in the morning, a protein item, such as: fish, tofu, eggs, and boneless chicken! :D And, of course, lots and lots of fruit! I always walk EVERYWHERE!!! Hours and hours a day!!!

I want to be about 235 by April (I'm 6'2); I'm about 252 as of right now, so I'm just toning it up for the summer, BITCHES!!! I'll be able to get some of I reach my goal (nah, I just want to look good for a change).

Four Heroes of Light ~ In Soviet Russia, Battles Target You

If I had some money for a DS, I would probably pick this up. Ah...why do I have to be so freakin' POOR!!!

AAG's site @ RMN

Patience people! Only 4 more days till awesomeness!!!

CSS for Hero's Realm?

I like the way it is, Kentona. Basic, but simple.

And's at 7779!!! Woot!


I used to make cutscenes that were 10 minutes long, hell even "The Aquatic Adventures Of Scuba Steve" opening is about 8 minutes long. I guess I like making long cutscenes, which is why I need a skip option.

Also, my family and friends are REALLY impatient, but, then again, so am I! I can't STAND long opening with people talking!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

What are you working on now?

Lol, I like the one besides the eye (looks like a big nose). Mcdonalds would love to have these as new mascots. :D

Still working on the blasted CPU. It's done, but it's just still have problems -- and I want it to be perfect, damn it!!! So, that's what I'm doing tonight. Once that is done, I can go do something else.


I'm not worthy of this thread.

Dream Class: Make up your own school

All Phys-Ed.

All the time.

F*** school.

I'm trying to make this shitz rhyme.