Well, Well...Look Who Has FINALLY Come Back To Town!

So, it has now been officially one whole stinkin' year since I was banned from this place (and I rather not go into that further details about that, 'cause that was before, and this is now); and now...the blessed RMN gods (WIP and the gang) have finally decided to grant me parole status, and, with that, S4D is now back!!!

I'm not going to go into much details about who I am (because most of you already know that), but for all you newcomers to the table, I used to be a member of this place back in 2008 - 2009; I was one of the best coders around, until a certain game --- and a certain attitude problem --- got me into hot water. But, I'm not such a bad guy, it is just a certain couple of events have clouded me of being labelled, "A Black Sheep In The RMN Society."

But, that was then, and this is now.

So, I'm glad to be back on da TEAM!!! I know Karsuman is happy to see this! :D KARU GIVE ME A HUGGGGG!!!

PS: About my projects, regarding, "Sugar," "The Aquatic Adventures Of Scuba Steve," and of course, "Monopolo ~ Final Mix ~" I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with them, as life has been getting increasing harder to work on these things since I'm working out, the hockey season is back, work, and, of course, school, but I'm trying my best. It's just, I'm struggling, and it's been like this for a long time. I might need to go back to the basics before I do anything else with these games; so hopefully one day, I'll put them up on the site :p.

My last chance, it would seem (reinstatement attempt)...

* Takes a deep breath *

It has been quite a long time since the last time I spazed out here on the forums, and I would like to say that I apologize for acting like a douche during those troubled times. I am not really such a bad guy, but during these past few months, I have been making a case for myself for that title... Once again, I apologize for my actions...

Look, I am not going to bore you with a long lengthy story, because quite frankly...nobody cares about a long tale of SOB stories, they just want to get to the bloody point: "Have you learned your lesson? Do you still like RMing? And...why should we let you come back?"

I am not saying if you should, because...that is up to everyone on the boards; have you learned your lesson? Yes.

I want to come back; thinking about it in the past couple of weeks, there are four different RM sites that I mostly visit: GW, RMN, RRR, and RMRK; however, out of all of them, RMN will always be the best...

I still love RPG MAKER; I still use it every single day; and you know what? Even if my request to comeback is denied, I will still continue to make games with RM...that's just the way it is.

But, part of me hurts that I can't come to a place like this, make my games, put them up for people to play, and of course, play other people's games --- it truly hurts! I know I have been a dick for a long time, but that simply isn't me... I was just frustrated...

And now, I want to come back.

WIP, Karusman, Kentona (Er, he's not mod anymore isn't he???) I welcome your response.

PS: If this is truly the end, then hey...I'm sorry guys, and hope that RMN continue to live long and propser till the end of time, I'll visit you guys whenever I have a chance! If not, then --- hugs and kisses everyone!!! ^^

--- 10 minutes later ---

WIP: Ban...
Karusman: Ban...
Kentona: (Looks at others)
WIP: ...Do it, you know you want to!!!
Kentona: But...I dunno...
WIP: We'll tell everyone the truth --- I didn't play it, nor did I enjoy it!!!
Kentona: *gasp* MY EGO!!!
Kaursman: Do it...
WIP: Be a ****ing hero...ban his ass!!!
Kentona: ...

(What should Kentona do...???)

This is BULLSHIT! I'm leaving!!!

Nuff said, why do I have to waste my time with you people by writing a long hour page about what's been going on, when clearly this is going to get trashed.

Fuck you, fuck everyone here, none of you are getting any of my games, to think I was thinking of posting it here, but guys are the scum of the earth, I'll just be making my stuff in peace and quiet, if you wanna play them, fine be my guest...but for everyone else, have fun playing Wilfred The Hero for the 16th straight time.

Bye! :D

Fools! You Fell For It! (Reads Reads Reads!)

Okay, after opening with a not so nice joke, it's time to get down to da business!

I've been thinking the past few days about what has happened over the last couple of years, from the quiet days of the early the more in the spotlight / better deliver of today! I have chosen to come back of my own free will, not because of all of YOU! but it's something that needs to be done. I can't live without these forums. But on the other hand, I think it might be time to take a page from Neok's book and hang around less. Okay! So I've made myself a not so stupid list of rules for me. You can guys can agree! It's less dumb, and idiotic then before.

But before I do...

YOU SHOULD OF SEEN YOUR FACES!!! Bhahahahhahahahaha!!!

Moving on!!!

I've decided on making a little schedule of myself for the amount of times I can hang out on one site, you see...I'm on three sites now (Gaying World, RM "not so" Network & finally Double R Something Revolution) it's a little hard to keep focus on all three forums and be heavily active in them. So! Every couple of days I'll visit for a couple of minutes, and sometimes I'll hang on IRC for 30 min's or so. I think this is fair, so I don't come along too often and bug everyone! But still be quite involved in the community spotlight.

As for posting rules, they are pretty much the same. I can do whatever I want, when I want! Baby! Although, I'm going to less up on the hyping of my projects, I'll let you guys do that for me! ^_-

Screenshots are still once and awhile.

As for the hosting of the games, ah yes...we are getting close now! Another month and a bit huh? Well I've been thinking of how I'm going to host this thing, including all future games...and I don't like just making a ugly topic, or have to follow three different ones. I want to make it nice and pretty! Full of pictures! But the mods will never agree to such requests...henceforth! This is where the site comes in.

All my project information / bios / movies / shots / downloads will be on there! Which means! NO GAME TOPIC!!! However! The only way that a game topic can be done on any of these three sites is if SOMEONE else makes them. Although they aren't official, you may still do that. I just don't want one.

Kay? We are clear!

Looks like I'll have to make up what I did in a hurry! Better get busy and work on something! The site should be reformatted and up in a couple of days.


The New S4D Laws Are Now In Effect! (Goodbye RMN Until March 1st!!!)

As of immediately starting right now, Silver4Donuts (or S4D) is no longer allowed to view the forums on a daily basis anymore, as new laws are now in place in preventing him from viewing both GW & RMN forums, nor is he allowed to submit anything onto either site.

The entire communities of both sites have just lost too much patience with this person and as a whole, instead of a force of action such a banning, they have decided to offer him this a choice or to be permanently banned from both sites. S4D quickly agreed, and thus now leave both sites under specific rules that now follow:

* No mention of any of his projects may be mentioned ever again in any topics, this includes plugging, or mentioning the word of these games.

* He may only post screenshots or movies every first of the month

* He's not allowed to answer any questions regarding his games, either production or information as a whole

* He's not allowed to submit any of his games ANYWHERE! Instead they will only be on his site, which will be back up online in March

* He's not allowed to view or talk on other topics on each forum

* He cannot review other's games.

* He must stay away from IRC except once a week, his time is limited to a hour...and he cannot say anything about what's he doing if it's related to games.

These rules are in effect as of today, otherwise...a breech of this contract will result in a ban or warn, anyone who tries to interfere will be banned too!

~ S4D / RMN & GW staff

S4D Statement:
It has come to my attention that a lot of people aren't happy with the way things have been done at ME as of late, from late production times to delaying of release dates, so I have no choice but to pull out of RMN & GW until things can change or calm down. This contract will last until the end of this year, we will see how things stand in 2010. I hope you guys continue to support ME and it's future games, as our website will host everything I'm doing in March, until then...I wish both communities well and hopefully many good years of great independent games, but I unfortunately will be very minimally involved.

Can You Place [IMG] Tags On Your Game Page?

Just wondering this before I try it myself, since it's been awhile and I mean AWHILE!!! since I've submitted anything onto the front page...but I'm just wondering if you have say...on the blog page, I know you can links (that wasn't there before) but if you can images, reply and tell me. I might ditch my site and just put everything on here then.


UFC 94: St-Pierre VS. Penn II (This Saturday Bitches!!!)




Georges St-Pierre Vs. BJ Penn
Lyoto Machida Vs. Thiago Silva
Stephan Bonnar Vs. Jon Jones
Karo Parisyan Vs. Dong Hyun Kim
Nate Diaz Vs. Clay Guida
Jon Fitch Vs. Akihiro Gono
Manny Gamburyan Vs. Thiago Tavares
Chris Wilson Vs. John Howard
Jake O'Brien Vs. Christian Wellisch
Matt Arroyo Vs. Dan Cramer

BOLD = My personal picks

* * * D I S C U S S * * *

The S4D Law For 2009!

Alright! Coming up soon is the start of a brand new month ( Loveable loser month = February! ) and I thought I could share some of my new plans with people on the board, and more less for myself.

And no! They are NOT plans for world domination. ::)

As you know, this marks the start of a brand new S4D since arriving on RMN just a few short days ago, and trying to leave my old past behind, it's time for a change! A big change! So after thinking about this all last night, it's time to laydown the plan! And maybe you guys can kick your own asses into gear and make-up your own goals for this coming month or year! Here we go:

Forum Rules:
1.) You must at least post once a day and hang out on the forums for minimum 15 min's. After that you must leave and get to work!

2.) You must at LEAST contribute something to this site, such as review a game every week or make a topic, like this one! (topics can be once a month)

3.) YOU CANNOT post on the screenshot thread, drive thread, or anything related to your own games. (you'll see why in a second)

4.) YOU CANNOT make a topic or submit a game onto this site. You can still...however, promote your game by way of sigs or word of mouth.

5.) YOU CANNOT say anything, and I mean...ANYTHING about your games UNLESS someone asks you about it.

6.) Stay away from Gaying World (that's a given!)

7.) Don't go on IRC. Unless for special ocquations.


Weight Loss Rules:
1.) You must weigh yourself on the 1st of every month (hey! That means on superbowl sunday! DOH!)

2.) You must workout 3 days of the week with a minimum of a hour each.

3.) You cannot eat fast food like pizza or eat chips, donuts, etc, unless it's once a week.

4.) You need to eat more foods like fish, protein bars, soya milk, fruits, grains, drink water plenty too!

5.) You can't eat after 9 P.M. (unless I have a break at work late and then I can eat fruit or drink water)


Game Making Rules:
1.) You must work at LEAST 4 hours on a day off, and 2 on a work day on your game.

2.) You are required to take breaks after 2 hours of constant work.

3.) You can no longer post screenshots, talk, or show anything about your games on any forum, chatrooms, whatever! You can however post it on your site.

4.) Remember the steps that got you where you are today! Don't let anyone push you or make you feel bad, keep at it!



Thought this would probably be the best place to post this. But I think now since we are getting to be a veteran at this whole deal, is to act my age and learn to just face the music. Yes, your good...are you the best? No. Do you need to hype your games anymore? No. Do you need all this drama? No. Do you need to lose 20 pounds? Yes. Is working out hard? No, I've done it before. Will RMN care if your game isn't released on the front page? No they don't, because they have a ton of awesome games that are already there! Let someone else get the spotlight and get the attention! I don't need it anymore, and finally...after 2 years of constant eating right and walking to work for a hour and half every day and STILL look like I do, it's only time to work out and end this talk and do nothing act.

Look, I am never going to win anything for making these games, nor am I going to get mentioned anymore, but that's okay. Deep down this is how things were done before in the past, no topic, no bull, just clean honest work. Hey I'm still posting and hanging around here! a minimum!

Now post your own goals and desires for February! Or 2009! :)

S4D Returns To RMN! Ditching GW In The Process! :)

Well...after 5 years of pledging allegiance to GW & Fogot! I've decided after a long talk and over 5 months since I last left this place, to return to where the party is at!!! And that is of course RMN. :)

It was a tough choice to come back here, with all the history and all. But after so many weeks & months of bullshit mods, angry nerds, a site that has no creativity, that it would be best to come to a place where everybody knows your name. And that is RMN!

You guys are seriously the best! You have everything here that a person like me wants! And this time...I'm staying for good! **** the fact that GW beats you in traffic! **** the fact that WIP is gone! (god rest his soul...although I still think he'll come back someday) **** the fact that we don't have RMN3! And **** the fact of putting Monopolo on such a site that just treats you like slime until you become a hero.

I wanna share Monopolo, no! My projects with the people on RMN! Let's drive those ****ing bastards into the ground! We have enough firepower to make RMN the greatest site in amtauar games! Now let's see what I can do!

Since it's pretty late at night, and this is my first shift back after months and months, I won't really start hanging around till sometime in the afternoon. RMN! Monopolo is now yours!!! Including my services! ^^


Oh? You wanna know about me? Well I guess it's customary on this side of the board...alright alright!

My real name is Brent Scott Murray I live in Surrey, BC with my dad & only brother, I have been using rm2k3 for around 6 years now...and have been on a terrible slump thanks to my brother and a stringload of viruses. I've actually made some good games but unfortunally...badluck and me go hand and hand (I MADE A FUNNY!!!)

I've recently turned it around in Summer of 2008 with Monopolo! Which has made a new man out of me! I love making games again! And pretty soon we shall see my works huh?

My other hobbies would include playing sports such as Hockey, Soccer & Football. I work at Safeway as Customer Service Desk / Cashier. I love listening to music of all types! My favourite movie is Braveheart! RM game is Romancing Walker, I think the SNES is the greatest system of ALL time!!! ...That's enough for now!

Yay! Groups hugs! :D

EDIT: This topic just became the 3000th topic of all time! Pretty neat!

Going To Be Away For Awhile (Need Some ME Time)

Well...I've been thinking in the past few days with all the hate mail and stuff that it might be time for a break from these forums for a few days to weeks. I think it would do a world of good.

The major problem I hate about the forums is that it sucks all of your free time and you end up blowing your computer time coming what? Get dissed? Right...

I felt that when I was gone for awhile I had some major progress and got some work done. Also it was a bit nice to sort of have some free time and enjoy some things like working without distractions and what not.

Now this doesn't mean...HE WANTS TO BE BANNED!? OKAY LET'S!!! Because I still come once and awhile to see what's going on around here...just I don't want post for a awhile.

Now I'm still working, don't get me wrong. But it's nice to have a bit of time for a break. Hopefully I'll come back for a bit, but in the meantime...the only thing I'll be doing is updating my game stuff on RMN. posting for awhile kay?

I'll see when I have my head glued on. And please...stop that hate mail. I'm not going to answer it for awhile.

~ S4D :)
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