I have been working on Fiery for four years now off and on. I hope you all enjoy it.



New Music Added

Demo work in progress.

Started doing Lp's As well

In Response to Clareain Ya I don't see no problem with doing patched games that have been Lped before. The Full game Homage I did was Lped when it was a demo.

In Response to DeckKiller Good idea I will do that.

S E C O N D ~ The Shape of Things to Come

Sounds good bud.

Minor changes to game new link available

New demo available now! Feedback would be appreciated.

Depending on if he hits me twice before he starts his move I either potion / defend or just attack /defend.
So far 3/9 people that tried game so far has had trouble on him.
I've tested it multiple times myself and never have much trouble. I have died b4 though. I've tried grinding all the fire monsters and sometimes I can kill him b4 he even does his special. I have also went through the fire maze level fighting as little as possible so it is def possible.
I've kept a lot of your points in notes for changing before final release. As for the demo I'm done changing it for now and going to continue on with trying to finish the story. I might lower his attack a little bit depending on if more people are having trouble with him. I don't want the game to be easy.
Thanks again for the feedback you made some great points and great ideas.

New demo available now! Feedback would be appreciated.

Everyone thanks for the feedback.
Shortstar you give a lot of good points.
Some I will take into consideration some Ideas you had were really good.

As for KO killing you guys that sucks. I have this game on three other forums and only one other person complained about it but now 2/2 on this forum. I will look into lowering his dmg output for that fight.

Thank you both for giving it a try and I'll work on fixing it up some.
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