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Exploration aptitudes eh? Sounds fun! It actually enrich games by motivating player to read and discover than outlining the whole thing...
But that's a different narrative entirely than linear storytelling.

Need a little bit of artistic help, and a tiny bit of composing help.

What's the genre?

Steam Greenlight and Demo v0.3!

The demo was a great pleasure. :D

Welcome to Noise Waltz - A short briefing of individual equipment stats

This looks like a fancy system... I can't for the character sprites...

Those kind of things reel me in :P

Last Word Steam Release

Just finished the game for the second time! Still haven't solved all the secrets...

Can't wait to review it!

I have a few inklings of bugs and errors that appeared in this latest version, but nevertheless, this is a great game!

Last Word Steam Release

hah, I'm not so good of a tester than i am a reviewer..

I love this game and that blinded me.
the balancing issue and story plot holes are still permissible...
Looking forward so tha tthis game is expanded!

Father Demo Is Up, I kid you not

I haven't gone too far in the game, but i have to say, great artwork and nice choice of music.

Found abit of bug when i press the menu button while conversation going...
From there on, the MC only face the same direction.
Then... it crashes...

I haven't gone to far, but it seems promising...

Battle system is classic, fast paced and not forcefull..
I am not really into random encounter tho, It forces you to grind and unless you can capture the monster or some sort of reward (even pokemon fails this) grinding is a very tedious gameplay mechanics.

I'll try playing it again soon.

It crashes abit too early and for some reason, since the text can't be skipped,
i am not so keen to go back again somehow.

Event: Monster Maker

I would have to change the Yale to a different name to suit the game's atmosphere. In the end, I might or I might not. Thanks to you both.Keep the ideas coming! You'll see more work from me soon as well.

Oh well, it'ssomething you have to discuss with Red for theidea...
As for me, i don't mind at all, i'll send you the original soon. In fact i feel something is amiss about my work so if you'll be making any touchups to fit the game's resolution, mood and atmosphere, please share with me too! :)

Event: Monster Maker

Tried to follow Ljink's style...

This is what i meant cleaning up for you... comment and critique is appreciated :)

I really like the pose and the idea :)

Event: Monster Maker

...So this next one, I spent too long trying to get the pose right - it's not finished.
But it didn't turn out as good, so I'll probably finish it up or try to fix it up later -
So ya, simple is definitely better, I think.

The Yale Frog asks you, if you're a Yale Man.

-DEF DOWN by 20!!!


1.) Name: The Yale Frog/The Varsity Yale Frog/The Ivy League Frog?(still deciding on a name. etc)

*for harder levels, you can re-color him brown and call him the The Harvard Toad (...Because of that one year, where Harvard beat Yale 29-29)

2.) Monster Attack Phrase:

(throwing suggestions here)

"The Yale Frogs asks if you're a Yale man"
"The Yale Frog asks if you went to Yale"

"The Yale Frog asks you a skill testing question"
"The Yale Frog asks you if you went to an Ivy League School"
"The Yale Frog asks what's your IQ" -lowers IQ?

"The Yale Frog tosses the ol pigskin around." -wastes turn /hits you in the face for massive damage.

"The Yale Frog asks if you're going to the cottage this summer."
"The Yale Frog asks if you're going to Jessica's Party" (...what party?)

3.) Monster Stats (I'm not too concerned with these)

-BP: 18 BP

-ATK: 20

-DEF: 15

-SPD: 20

4.) Monster Spoils: Drops something really useful or rare (he's from Yale)

5.) Monster's habitat: Swamp

6.) Monster's behaviour: Intrusive.

7.) Anything else I should know about this monster?: He's from yale.

This is sweettt...I would clean it up for you!
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