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Character Designer and Familiar with ACE looking for experience

As an artist you might want to look at making a game in Ren'Py.
If you can make a couple of backgrounds and characters, the rest is just coding.
You can make a kinetic novel pretty easily.
I have tried but actual coding is beyond me.

Ah. This me. But you've an interesting collection of art.
Getting some coder would be fun.

BluMiu's Art Dump

A very mysterious kind of style.

A bit of programmers could bring these art into a game of sorts.

A Freelance Artist Looking for Work

Your traditional artworks are fun looking...
Sad they are the hardest to use in games.

Have developed anything so far?

Looking for a writer to assist with story development

Do you need artist?

[Sprites][Pixel Art] Kaijira's Pixel Shop

Those boss sized sprite are damn awesome.

Cutting Content [Spoilers for Touhou Fantasy included]

Wow, it's hard to decide especially the game is not yours to begin with.

Questions like that is best asked inside the development team.

[Paid] Pixel artist for hire

Oh wow, those are very vibrant collection of portofolio...

How long do you take to do them? And what software do you use?

Open for collaborations! Animation and illustration editing and consultations

Hello, after a project, i will be free for work.
I recently became a pixel editor and animation assistant and learned a few new skills.

The illustrations above shows my color understanding and my subject speciality.

Check my gallery and
tumblr for more animation tests.

I am mostly looking for collaborations, so please feel free to show your ideas and discuss with me!
You can either PM me or skype me too
at alexandersinnelius


My magic sounds will heal your wounds ^0^ (Music Composer / Sound Designer)

Seems fun....can you PM me about your rates??

The RMN Skill Exchange

How do i put myself ahead?

I am an artist and i am looking for a story writing (dialogue/script),and characterization.
I can offer character designs, 2d animation, and some background painting.

my stuff is in

Contactable through notes but preferably ready with skype.
My priority would be your projects first since mine may require long term commitment and iterations...