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Drawing and Painting study

There's one thing about the tiger running that doesn't look right, and it's that both front legs have the exact same position all the time, same with the back legs. Usually one leg is slightly ahead of the other. Otherwise, looks good.

Yes, but the environment was bland. I guess the subtlety felt amiss in it too.
Thank you, that is a very nice observation of you.

Drawing and Painting study

I like this one!
Can actually feel the force of his front legs and muscles!
Keep it up :D
Thank you, your detailed insight means a lot.

Back on to drawing abit, have to solve many many things.
Stressed out and got under the weather while working what's necessary profusely.
But i guess learning to draw, cooking, animating, teaching, and plusplus all the way is just a sickening culture to keep around. Only burnt shit comes out from it.
Is "Lazily motivated" a thing?

Drawing and Painting study

new test, gotta work the meat first.

Drawing and Painting study

Really cool :D
I have never touched anything 3D so no idea but is the tail animated on its own or does it move depending on how the dog moves?
I think it can be slightly more natural but no big deal :D
Yeah, i think so too, the tail could use more arc. Need to get more into the dog's mind. Thanks!

Feels a bit airy to me, or with out weight. Unfortunately my crit is useless because I don't know why... Did you study reference super closely?
No, not useless, i'll be moving on to another quadruped,so i will be holding on to your crit. i did study it super closely, but i guess i need to find the more specific cause and effect and maybe a better workflow that allow more changes.

None the less it's cool to see some 3D! Personally I think 3D is super cool, just expensive.
3d is indeed expensive. Anyone who has 3d in their port is probably granted.
So i don't plan to have it wasted. I like 2d anime style so much, especially the money shots... they show great finesse with weight and performance.


Looks neat especially with those layout...

Drawing and Painting study

New animation, practicing and moving on. Trying out to feel...Something movielike, i think.

Animated GIFs :D

I see... in that case you should check EasyToon too!
It's very simple and easy to use on pc.
I read about it from how an Austrian animator (BahiJD) use it for a months project
and since then worked on Japanese animation. :)
Would probably need a tablet pen, but I think mouse will do just fine.

There's a bunch of freeware 3d tools here too if you want to try out things.
I think it came from older eras back in 2000.

Drawing and Painting study

Thank you Xoe! I'll be having a list of things to work on, if you have something in mind you want to see me do in 3d, let me know! :)

Drawing and Painting study

New stuff, lost a bunch of work due to flashdisk malfunction.
Bunches of seconds... it's like living in slow motion.

Animated GIFs :D

Cool!!! Does animated video counts?