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3d game engine?

Um, looking for 3d game engines that can export to variety of platforms, pc, android, webs.... that's not unity. or unreal.

Something friendly as rpgmaker perhaps?

Open for collaborations! Animation and illustration editing and consultations

Hello, after a project, i will be free for work.
I recently became a pixel editor and animation assistant and learned a few new skills.

The illustrations above shows my color understanding and my subject speciality.

Check my gallery and
tumblr for more animation tests.

I am mostly looking for collaborations, so please feel free to show your ideas and discuss with me!
You can either PM me or skype me too
at alexandersinnelius


IRC timechat

when is the IRC largely active by this timezone??

Looking for active company while developing art and games.

[GM] Music remix

Looking for someone willing to help me remix a minute track into 27 seconds music for
a game opening animation.

Message if you are interested, and we can negotiate further.

Drawing and Painting study

Hey, support me on my youtube on deviantart!
I'll be drawing and studying here as i begin to develop an idea or polish my game!

We can also chat by Skype:
Or visit me at

Your comments and critics are much appreciated!
Let me know your thoughts and critics!
Improvement is a constant thing!

Write music

I want to write music for the Summoner of Sounds contest...
but i don't know how to start?

I know about chord progression, and a few things, major scales, diatonic etc...
But when it comes to writing a music in the software (i have a freeware already)
I freeze. Not the software. Me.
Also confuses me how the sounds of violin and things like piano can sound so natural in some software made music, not by default of course...

Can someone guide me?

Programming tricks [SCRIPTING]

I have hard time remembering scripts and verses for programming.
Rereferencing the glossary and documentations for the right codes wastes my time since i am still doing my day job.

What are all the programming tricks/mnemonics to memorize all the codes?
DO you write on notes on your left?
Like writing music sheets?

Do solve calculations on paper? Print out stuffs?


[UNITY] 3rd person action rpg

Hello, I'm trying to build a basic 3rd person adventure game with basic running and jumping...
But it seems abit hard, especially with Unity lacking the tutorial.

A friend is helping by asking around and so we've managed to finish the first draft of the GDD... The main system and general idea is already solid so we just need someone who have the better idea about programming to help.

Or maybeteach us the main structure about C and Java for Unity?

ASAP! Our project is not big but we intend to finish it in one year or less! :D

[UNITY] [RMXP] Marketting

What's exactly do people mean by marketting?

As per real world business, even good product dies without good marketting.
But how do you market your game? You can't exactly goes, door to door when promoting your work as an individual, or make press conference for company....

And i also heard about press kit, what is it?


Whoever plays this game, let me know.

Was going through Square Enix history and legend of mana to scour for...action rpg framework.
Then this thing, looks like fallout and a mix of some western sunday cartoon
with your typical bullying white blonde kid.

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