in battle it a random times when not confused or anything makes me target allies with attacks and skills its good game besides that so far nevermind it was just the mouse pointer i forgot what a pain it can be in mv games


How do i get the story going after i do Public forum and where is Langt


so i been reading the posts
and i see that there is no way to find Barbara if you let her go with the mayor
does that mean there is no way to save the mayor

Villainous: World Conqueror Chronicles

well it looks like its going to be a good game i hope you get to turn on the empire
not to be a good guy but so your not just some guy taking orders the whole game
oh and take completed off its misleading


okey how does the chick feeding work do i feed once every 24 hours for 20 days or so
or feed them alot and wait a few days?


where does Viviana go for her date with that guy in delta town

about the chicks how much do you have to fed them and for how long?

The Master of Souls

okay i beat the game with the good ending worth trouble i when through get it
i think so good game well done but this maybe just me but i don't think normal monsters should be able to 1 or 2 hit any party member when they are lvl 80 or so

The Master of Souls

ok i got the faerie diadem quest
i am guessing the diadem is in the magic school in Septia but i can't find student for the school to get in i look in all the town

The Master of Souls

Fanatik: There are actually three endings :) You played the sadder two. There's a miniquest earlier in the game that has to be completed in order to get the happy ending
Hint, its in Lenria!

are you taking about putting the crown on fairy queen statue
if so did that so does that mean i got the good ending if so its still sad but deep in a way there was no happy ending there

Lorelai, Queen

i really look forward to this game it looks like its going to be good
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