Stream of consciousness - Of depression and regrets

Hey Marrend, I just wanted to stop by to let you know I'm sure we all still hold an immense amount of confidence in you. There was an exchange you and I had back while Game Chill was still going on, which I will admit put me through similar anxieties, and yet it is that exchange that I actually found as the most valuable I've had on this site so far. At that moment I may have been wording everything with levelheadedness, but to be honest all of it was trying to hide this lump in my throat, this feeling that my work served only to be a disappointment to the audience and myself so to speak. But as you've mentioned above, I had a choice between investing that energy into my panic, or turning it into something positive. That conversation may have not been long, but that alone may have very well taught me the reward which comes from choosing the latter.

To sum up, there is nothing abnormal about you experiencing these anxieties. No one's asking you to not "allow" emotions to happen, but it would do us pain to see them dictate whether you or not you aspire for something you enjoy. From my experience so far, projects die, projects get forgotten, projects grow out of reach, sometimes it feels like I've learned a lot but accomplished nothing, but in all cases I remember that it isn't over. And I have you to thank in part, for that little moment. My aspirations could've just stopped at Game Chill, but I learned that when adversity lies ahead, it will always remain there unless I move forward, to move past it. You've helped me past my burdens, and we all hope we can help you past yours if need be!


Glad to see you've regained confidence, I hope whatever steps you take here-after go smoothly! Best of luck! :)

Progress: Swirling Sands and Springsmouth

New character HYPE! And is that a harpoon/javelin!? Heck yeah! xD Like some Moribito type stuff haha, can't wait! It's always been really cool to see this project progress, especially with that progress-bar of yours. Almost 50% there! You're doing great! :D

Luxaren Allure Demo with New Art is Live!

*instant download* Let's get this party started! xD

New Face Art Underway!

Looking great! Also I wish you and your team the best of luck on the contest! Was working on an entry myself but had to cancel due to sickness xD

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked to see all the new art in action, you guys keep up the excellent work as always!

New Artist Announced! New Title Screen Art! ^_^

Dear christ unity, my nose is bleeding. Absolutely stunning! Even though I thought your original work had its own charm to it, I'm more than glad you found someone who's willing to revamp the art to your liking! Looks great and I look forward to more!
I'll be sure to play the new demo when you release it, till then have fun and good luck as always!

Not much to say!

Good to still see you around! I'm sure you still have all our interest, one of the more interesting projects as of recent!

Progress Continues. Also look out for: New Artist!

"Zoom factor?" Is that like when Chisa's face gets too close to the "camera" in some shots? ^^;;

I thought it was kinda neat though! Kinda reminded me of Otacon in the MGS1 codecs.

Also this mystery artist... do you think it might be someone we would know/ recognize? (Suspense is killing me!)

Toby's Kickstarter

I'm not sure if what I'm about to mention will be necessary given that you have what looks like a sort of drop-down toolbar, but do you remember at all the "toggle" mechanic from the GBA version of Harvest Moon? Basically it was like L + B or something, then the character would cycle through each of the tools, holding the current tool over his head tri-force style on each toggle. I'm just mentioning it because it really was the most optimal use of the 2 button control scheme, since not everyone might have a 6 button controller. Just food for thought though, I'm not looking to pile any work on you.

Toby's Kickstarter

Oh man, 6 days, time to signal boost! I don't have the largest following on tumblr, but one of my followers is one of those dedicated blogs that keeps an eye out for anything tagged Rpg-maker, I'll see if I can do "something" to get some attention! Consider it a free service, I'm super stoked for this game and am constantly blown away by such astounding work from the two of you! If there's a game at this moment that I really want to succeed, this is it. Best of luck as always!
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